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  1. clownfishy

    College Football 2004

    FSU all the way
  2. clownfishy

    WTB live rock in IL IN area

    I am looking for some live rock for my new tank in the IL, and possibly the lafayet (sp) IN area
  3. clownfishy

    Making a top speed run in my Corvette

    you need about 4 miles and that is a big over kill. took a 95 camaro wiht lt1 only mod done to it up to 160 in about 1 1/2 miles. you are over analysing just go do it. heck i can get my moms civic bone stock 4 banger to 120 in about 2 miles
  4. clownfishy

    Acrylic tank/fuge northern IL

    is this still for sale do you ever get down by joliet
  5. clownfishy

    making own HOB fuge

    ok that would be great
  6. clownfishy

    making own HOB fuge

    I was thinking about making one and was woundering if any one has ever done this. And if they had would you be willing to share the details on how you made it
  7. clownfishy

    what harder anemon or corals

    I was woundeering what is harder to take care of a anemon (sp) or corals
  8. clownfishy

    lots of questions

    sorry to bump own thread but would like some answers TTT
  9. clownfishy

    lots of questions

    The 1st one is I was at a store and saw a water purifier but it is only for DI I was woundering if u have DI water do u need RO becuase most on hear say RO is good RO/DI is even better. 2nd question what does the initals CPR stand for and the 3rd and final question i am looking it to a fuge but...
  10. clownfishy

    HOB FUGE help

    OK can you explaine exactly what is an overflow. And what does cpr stand for
  11. clownfishy

    HOB FUGE help

    I am finally starting my salt water tank I bought a 46 gallon bow front about a year ago and have be resercing the basics since then. I have decided that i would like a fuge. I know that every one says a HOB is not the way to go and pretty much agree but I bought my tank before I researched and...
  12. clownfishy

    alk and ph levels

    ok thanx sorry i forgot to put that in that was pretty importan info wasn't it. and no i am not cycling with a damsel just a shrimp
  13. clownfishy

    alk and ph levels

    even though i am only a week into the cycle
  14. clownfishy

    alk and ph levels

    anyone help PLEASE:help:
  15. clownfishy

    alk and ph levels

    I got the red sea test kit i the ph chart only goes to 8.6 but it is darker than that but not a whole lot and the alk it just has colors and it is on the highest end of that butthe test doesn't give a numbers on the color chart so i have no idea the real reading besides it is as high as...
  16. clownfishy

    alk and ph levels

    I tested the ph a alk and they were both way high. my test kit tells what to do if they are low but what do u do if they are to high. So is it all right if they are high or do I need to bring them down? and if so how do i do that
  17. clownfishy

    Florida LR vs. Fiji

    Not to high jack your thread but I am a broke college student in need of some rock. I was woundering where u can get the argonite concrete mix at, and also how do u form it. This way i can buy a few pieces of fiji and seed the argonite rock with it.
  18. clownfishy

    what temp

    I was woundering what is a good temp to keep my tank at. Nothing is in there so i can change it with no problem at 75 now
  19. clownfishy

    what type of filter

    I was woundering what would be the best filter for my set up. It's a 46 gallon bowfront plan on having fish and a clean up crew no corals.
  20. clownfishy

    How long

    I have been cycling since the day after x-mas and my amonia still hasn't come down. i have patience but this is starting to wear on me also how long till the shrimp completly decomposes it's almost alll gone but there are a few pieces that jus won't decentigrate