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  1. thegrog

    Anemone stuck in filter. Ideas?

    Thanks for the input. I managed to get a small pair of hemostats (helps to be a surgeon sometimes) inbetween the layers of the screen and snap it off. Worked my way around the tube and got it totally off. The anemone is now free from the screen. Does not seem to be badly damaged and the mouth...
  2. thegrog

    Anemone stuck in filter. Ideas?

    OK, my rose BTA that has been happy and content at one end of the tank has overnight transversed the length of the tank (almost 6' 125 gal tank) and this morning I found it half sucked into my HOT filter intake!! The filter is a Whisper 6 series and the intake strainer is rather coarse...
  3. thegrog

    Leaking Tank, Need quick ideas!!

    Originally Posted by Pandafish H D has it, it's called Aquamend (underwater repair Epoxy Putty) from Polymetric Systems. It's two part green and white. It bonds to Glass, fiberglas, wood, plastic metal ect. I have used it and it is Aquaium safe. HOLY C#$P!!! I have a tube of that laying...
  4. thegrog

    Calling all DIY stand builders, Photos Please!!!!

    Here is a link to my stand build:
  5. thegrog

    Looking at an Aqua C Remora

    Good choice for a skimmer. Go with the Mag3, the extra power is needed and the pump is more reliable than the other two. I would go with the drain fitting personally. Saves having to always drain the cup daily...especially when going out of town for a weekend. Just run a hose to a gallon jug...
  6. thegrog

    Leaking Tank, Need quick ideas!!

    Originally Posted by ifirefight I know they make a 2 part epoxy you knead together with your fingers,it works underwater so it will work when wet. They sell it a home depot. Not sure if it would be safe for the fish. If you can use it on the outside shoud be ok. I have some of that but it does...
  7. thegrog

    Leaking Tank, Need quick ideas!!

    OK, just found that my sump is leaking!!! And to think I was blaming the dog for the puddle on the floor!! It is a glass 40-gal tank that I have set up as my sump/fuge. Draining it is not an option at this point. It is leaking from a small spot on the seam where the front panel joins with a side...
  8. thegrog

    Solaris Lighting Systems/'Acrylic,Lion,Viper,'

    I have heard mixed reviews on it. Some have had tons of problems with damaged or defective units. Others have had great luck. Still don't know of anyone keeping any high light demanding corals (sps, clams) under them. Soft corals (zoos, polyps, ect) have been doing fine though. A universal...
  9. thegrog

    substitution for suction cups?

    Try staples!!!! :hilarious Sorry, coffee not kicked in yet. I don't have problems as long as the glass stays nice and clean. I usually clean the suction cups really well too before putting them on. One trick I have tried with good success is to put a TINY dab of corn oil on the suction...
  10. thegrog

    Euro Reef RS-80 vs RS 100 vs Aqua C

    Picking any of those would not be a bad choice and you would get a good skimmer. Go with the larger pump whichever you get. I prefer in-sump skimmers as they don't return bubbles to the main tank.
  11. thegrog

    ????Cutting Plexi

    There is a plastic blade available at local hardware stores for like $15 that has worked fine for me. A little rough, but with a few seconds under a sander, good to go!! Was playing with some today making a new Ca reactor and had zero problems!!
  12. thegrog

    Cooling fan wires underneath reflectors

    Done it a number of times and never had a problem.
  13. thegrog

    How to do a mesh mod on an ASM skimmer

    OK, gotten a bunch of requests on how to do this. Prior to 2 weeks ago, I had no idea either, but it is really easy to learn. I did not take any pics durring mod, sorry. It is really easy to do and describe without pics. Here is the step-by-step. I tried it with two different materials. First...
  14. thegrog

    How do u fine tune a asm g-3???

    Originally Posted by quads4_lif Hey Grog you should do a how to on it. If not I will attempt it when I take my skimmer apart to clean it. and I will try and do a how to. I wish I took pics durring it. It is really easy to do and describe without pics. Here is the step-by-step. 1. Unplug...
  15. thegrog

    How do u fine tune a asm g-3???

    Originally Posted by LazyPinoy looks pretty good. ok ill give it a shot this weekend. thanks alot! Good luck! I think that drilling out the venturi intake is important for the extra airflow. Just be slow and careful with it!! If you can, use progressively larger drillbits in 1/64 increments.
  16. thegrog

    Aqua-EV120/ ASM G2 owners

    I am not sure what your question is? :notsure: :notsure:
  17. thegrog

    Skimmer question

    Originally Posted by Phixer This particular tank is pretty hefty. I havent figured the gallons but if it can be constructed from plywood it will be about 20FT long 3FT wide and 3FT tall. WOW!!! :scared: That is around 1,300 gallons!!!! You may want to consider the ASM G6 or the AquaC...
  18. thegrog

    How do u fine tune a asm g-3???

    Sorry for the delay, been having problems with photoshop lately. Here are two pics of the mesh mod. First, I cut off all the pins from the impeller. Next I CAREFULLY drilled out the venturi intake hole 1/16 larger in diameter for greater air flow in. I didn't dare go more and risk breaking it...
  19. thegrog

    building canopy for 75-90g need advice on MH

    Originally Posted by KrazeKajin Thank you. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Would you try and use the ballasts or would you spend a lot more money and buy 250s or even a bank of 8 t5s? If in your shoes, I would try the two 400W ballasts. Keep them higher off the water surface...
  20. thegrog

    Skimmer question

    You could argue for both cases and still not have a correct answer. IMO, it is not the number or size of the skimmer that truely matters, but the quality of the skimmer. You could put 5 Seaclones on a tank and a single ASM or AquaC will outskim them all!!! I have seen setups with multiple...