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  1. jlem

    You want the truth? (oil related topic)

    I would rather use up the rest of the worlds Oil before we use up ours.
  2. jlem

    Will 440W of VHO lighting be .... Vote Please!

    An 18 inch tank is pretty shallow so it should be just fine for just about anything. When you buy bulbs you may want to get Coralife bulbs instead of URI brand. The coralife bulbs are more crisp white while the URI bulbs are really pink.
  3. jlem

    VHO questions for those that are familiar with them

    When you buy new bulbs I would suggest 2 Coralife 10K bulbs and 2 Actinics. The URI bulbs are pretty pink unlike the Coralife bulbs that are a nice crisp white.
  4. jlem

    Will I be able to keep anemones with the Nova Extreme..

    A 55 gallon is pretty shallow so anything other than Normal Output bulbs( 40Watt) should do okay.
  5. jlem

    Nova T5's diary

    A 20 gallon is really shallow so it will be hard to prove anything about which lighting does better since just about any light will penetrate a 20 gallon tank.
  6. jlem

    48 inch Current USA SunPod 2x150W 14K HQI

    The Sunpod fixture has just HQI bulbs and LED moonlights. There is no actinic supplimentation. They have the LED blue and white moonlights but those are just for at night time and do not effect the look of the HQI's at all. It sounds like your tank has DAYLIGHTS and the ACTINICS. THE 14K...
  7. jlem

    48 inch Current USA SunPod 2x150W 14K HQI

    I agree. The Current bulbs are really blue. I actually put on some VHO 10K bulbs and was pretty happy with the look but did not like not having the dawn/dust effect that I have now with the VHO Actinics and the 10K HQI's.
  8. jlem

    48 inch Current USA SunPod 2x150W 14K HQI

    The 14K bulbs will not be as bright. The corals may react really well to the 14K but you will be disapointed with how blue the tank will look and how dim it will look. I have the 3X150HQI sunpod and was really disapointed. I complained to the company and they sent me 10K bulbs for free...
  9. jlem

    Reefstar 250 Watt 14K HQI

    I don't know about the brand, but 14K bulbs are pretty blue depending on brand. A 10K bulb will be yellower but if supplimented with PC, VHO or T5 actinics you will have a much brighter tank that will be a nice crisp white look. I replaced 4X96 watt PC's with 3X150 watt 14K HQI's and my tank...
  10. jlem

    Sunpod MH? or T5...

    I have the 3X150 Sunpod. The 14K bulbs are way to blue so I replaced with 10K's and they look a whole lot brighter now.
  11. jlem

    Please help with anenome question

    Are your clowns tank raised or wild caught. Tank raised have a rep for not hosting since they never have been around an anename.
  12. jlem

    how much does a dsb and chaeto help with trates?

    I'll tell you what has worked for me for over 8 years. 1/2-1 inch sand bed very light feeding once per day. all food is gone within 1 minute 10% water change every 2 weeks with RO/DI water Only additives used are PH Buffer, ALK buffer and Reef Complete from seachem to maintain Calcium. I...
  13. jlem

    Who has the best Aquascape?

    Here is my 150 gallon. 1/3 is Aragocrete rock and lighting is 3X150 HQI and 2X110 VHO. Some of the system is over 6 years old from my old 90 gallon but most is only a few years old. The sand bed is only about 1/2 inch deep.
  14. jlem

    coraline algae growing buck wild on my diy rock!!!!

    About 1/3 of my 150 gallon reef is DIY rock. It cost me about 20 cents per pound to make. Corraline will grow on anything inside the tank so don't know why people would think that corraline won't grow on DIY rock.
  15. jlem

    T5s for a 125, what would you choose?

    Originally Posted by azfishgal I'll post on here what I eventually get. Since you want an anemone and your tank is 24" deep (mine is 22") you will need T5HO with reflectors or MHs. You should be able to keep whatever you want if you go either way. Don't even look at PCs, won't serve your...
  16. jlem

    SunPod HQI and Sunpod Pro HQI

    The pro has 250 watt bulbs instead of 150 watt
  17. jlem

    Question/comment for the moderators

    I think that SWF.COM has no choice but to stand by it's policy. How many people on the classified section will ask where to buy Live Rock even though it is sold at a very reasonable price on this site. It's a slap in the face to the owners of this site when people take extreme advantage of it...
  18. jlem

    Moving 30 miles - HOw do i safely move my tank?

    I have moved my reef 2 times over the last 6 years 1000+ miles each way with no issues. Stuff is amazing hardy if the temp changes gradually and you are sorta carefull when you move the rock and corals. just get the biggest storage totes you can carry and move the stuff. As you are filling...
  19. jlem

    Oh. You won't believe this SETUP!110g SPS w/ 75g.Fuge AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS

    After selling lots of aquariums over the years I have realized that if someone is willing to spend a few thousand on a used setup of only 100 gallons then they will just spend the few thousand more for a new system. you would be much better off parting the system out if you want to even get...
  20. jlem

    show me your DIY stands!!!

    Here is the stand I built for my 150 gallon. The stand is 5X24X32 inches tall. The doors and trim are solid Oak and the rest is 3/4 inch Oak PLY. I also built the canopy which is solid Oak.