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  1. Matt Pecor

    LED settings on Reef Tank?

    I'm new to having coral in my tank, I have an LED light I can manually put the settings on for it. Currently have an Australian Duncan that has been doing very well with my older crappy light system. I can not find the ideal mixture of spectrum settings for daytime/evening and would love some...
  2. Matt Pecor

    Can anyone identify this critter?

    From that picture looks like some sort of flat worm to me.
  3. Matt Pecor

    What do i need to know

    I'd set the tank up and let it run for at least 5 or 6 weeks before putting any livestock in it or corals. Find a place with some live rock to help get it established after about a week. Will give you plenty of time to figure out exactly how you want your tank to look with what livestock in it...
  4. Matt Pecor

    New to Sharks

    I've been trying a few different things but nothing seems to take besides the ghost shrimp. I even tried adding that garlic guard stuff to his food too. I don't mind tossing too many different things in there though, I have a peppermint shrimp that wrecks whatever he doesn't go near. On a side...
  5. Matt Pecor

    New to Sharks

    Yes, it's currently in a 90g tank. He's only about 6 inches right now. I removed the majority of the live rock aside from a "cave" I made in the middle with a few smaller pieces and a longer flat piece to put ontop of it. There is a ton of open space. I plan on moving him to a bigger tank when...
  6. Matt Pecor

    New to Sharks

    I'm a pretty experienced hobbyist, been doing salt for a few years now specifically. I have a 90g tank that's been established for over a year and everything seems great tank wise. I recently made a switch from a more community tank by adding a baby Coral Banded Shark to the tank. When I first...