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    that sounds right to me thanks
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    i have some sort of sponge that i cant id it is growing on the underside of some lr and is white with 3 holes in it it also has like long white sweeper tentacles it sticks out from the underside of the rock any idea what this is
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    Tall anemone

    keep in mind that not all anemones are going to be the same size regardless of weather or not they are the same type
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    Triggers with Lionfish

    i have had both of them together in the past but i would post this in the aggressive section you will probably gt better help thatn in the reef section
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    mh light

    check out this site and some of the best lights on the market at great prices and i agree with the others you can have 2 bulbs oon one ballast i do
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    upside down jelly fish 1yr aneversary

    well i have had this guy for about a year now and when i bought him he was the size of a penny and now he is about the size of a silver dollar please dont criticise me for keeping him i know they are not recommended for keeping in the home aquarium he is a vigorous eater he loves brine and...
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    skunkback pseudochromis is he safe

    i think 2nd to i think that you ould probably run into a problem mixing him in a tank that already has a royal grama in it
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    How many Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp

    yes you can mix cleaner and fire but so you know fire shrimp are a type of cleaner shrimp i think 2 cleaner shrimp would be nice for that size tank
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    for those of you who dont know i am in the process of setting a a 175 oceanic bowfront tank with 2 built in overflow boxes i am running 2 400w mh and 2 110 vho's, 1/3 horse power chiller, ecosystem 3012, sealife systems berlin sump and a protien skimmer, and a calcium reactor my ? is on one of...
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    anyone else with this type of setup
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    The flow thru the tnak? or the circulation with in your fuge tank? in the fuge
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    Fox face afraid of dark

    he isnt afraid of the dark or stressed it is just that he is getting ready for bed think of it as he is putting on his pajamas alot of fish cahnge colors or fade when it is time for bed
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    Help with my coral?

    medium to high lite medium flow
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    fox face

    foxface make a great reef fish they are vary similar to tangs as sated except that they are less aggressive they do need about a daily feeding of seaweed as stated and will also need regular food once a day such as mysis shrimp or brine but preferily brine if he is big enough to eat it they are...
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    so that makes it a 25 gallon refugium on a 175 bow how many gallons per hr should i run on the refugium
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    ID Please?

    what you have is a neucense anemone i cant rember the exact type i think that may be a glass anemone but you definatley want to kill it the best way to kill it is to inject it with kalkwassser using a needle and to do this is all you do is go to a [hr] and get on of those things...
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    does anyone know how much my electricity bill is gonna go up with a 1/3 hp chiller and 2 400 w mh bulbs
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    does anyone know how many gallons per hr i should run on an ecosystem 3012 in these dimesions i dont even know how many gallons the ecosystem is here are the deminsions i cant rember what the formula for figuring out gallon capicaty is but here are the deminsions anywa 30L x 12W x 16H y
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    Frag Tank

    what is the egg crate in the frag tank used for