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  1. anonome

    anemones reef safe?

    I would say that if you are prepared to get one, then do so. Provided that that your tank is not already packed with coral. I have been lucky, mine hasn't moved since I upgraded tank and lighting....knock on wood. BTA's like a ledge to attach to, need high lighting, and medium flow. Be sure to...
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    Some cool pics from my 77 gallon

    That's a white cheek powder brown, not blue. But nice tank shots. Keep up the good work. Like the mushrooms.
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    Great choice of music, and beautiful tank!! Isn't technology wonderful?!!!
  4. anonome

    long nose hawk and other pics

    Absolutely amazing. Now I really need a new camera. Thanks for sharing.
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    Any chance of getting a picture of it? Maybe you can discribe it. Not all crabs that hitchike on live rock are bad. Describe the claws, pointed or not. Color? What size?
  6. anonome

    The reason why xenia pulse.

    But then why do some xenia pulse at the store and then never pulse again when you get them home? I have some pink and blue xenia. The pink pulse like crazy, but the blue only once in awhile pulse. They pulsed a lot at the store, but don't now. They are thriving well, have multiplied, but no pulsing.
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    Phosphate in tank

    Good thinking, I like to do it the natural way too. Just give it more time. Keep an eye on the levels and then use the pads if it gets out of control and water changes don't help.
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    The reason why xenia pulse.

  9. anonome

    Phosphate in tank

    I wouldn't do water changes just yet. Wait until your ammonia and nitrate levels have peaked, and then starts to go down.Throw in phosphate resin, or pad in there to help if you want, but no water changes yet. Phosphate can be coming from your live rock, decaying organisms, waste, etc. Very...
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    Pics of my 125 reef

    Originally Posted by Speg Looks like you've been doing some hard work to your tank and your pics show what dedication can do. Very beautiful.. but isn't that a fox in your avatar pic? I want more pics of that :) Yes Speg, it is a fox coral. That was one of my first coral, and my favorite...
  11. anonome

    WOW! I want these... should I buy?

    Unless you have bought other things from this seller beware. I have been burned more times than I can count......some of these sellers like to use photoshop to enhance the pics. They seem too blue to me to be real. But there are some really nice colors out there.
  12. anonome

    Pics of my 125 reef

    Thanks to both of you!! I haven't been on the site for a few months, wow have things changed. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to post pics!!
  13. anonome

    Pics of my 125 reef

    Hi all. I thought I would share some of my more recent pics. Hard to believe that the tank is going on 5 years old. Time sure flies. Enjoy.
  14. anonome

    Xenia question?

    I bought a blue xenia frag, unattached, and placed it on a rock. Put a smaller rock, (rubble rock) just large enough to hold it down so the current won't carry it away and before long it will attach. My blue xenia attached in 2 days.
  15. anonome

    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    I really didn't want to get "rid" of him. He was a very personable fish, but when you see dollar signs everytime he grazes on a prized rock, it is time to part ways. I really wish I had another tank to put him in, but this was not the case. Bla403--I wish you luck with yours. I had mine from a...
  16. anonome

    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    Thanks for replying Susan. My foxface and I have parted ways. This morning at 5:45, before the lights came on, I caught him and he is now at the LFS. He had mowed down a nice rock of blue xenia and that was the last straw. Sad to see him gone, but now I know that anything else that is added...
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    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    Originally Posted by T316 I wonder if there is a hitch hiker in there that he senses. Can you put something over it for a week or so, keeping him from getting to it? Maybe like a clear cup with holes in it for flow, or a net, etc.. Good idea. I am afraid that for these zoos it is probably too...
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    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    Originally Posted by WangoTango The only absolute in the hobby is that there are no absolutes. Foxfaces can be reefsafe, but it is never a 100% guarantee, it just depends on the individual fish. It is weird that it doesn't bother other things though. I would consider taking it back to your LFS...
  19. anonome

    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    Hi all, I am very puzzled with this one. I have a 125g reef tank with all sorts of coral, clams etc., and a good selection of fish. My question pertains to my foxface, which I have had for over 3 yrs. He is about 5-6 inches and very friendly, and well fed. My question is that I purchased a...
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    Most fun to watch fish.

    Originally Posted by Noah's Nemo My Flamehawk,he'll sit and have a stare down contest with me Agree with the flamehawk. He is a great addition to my reef. I would not add one though if your shrimp are on the smaller side. He pesters my shrimp to the point that they hide most of the day, and...