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  1. yacobito

    Switching from SW to FW, Questions?

    Is there any concern using either a powerhead or heater that was in my saltwater tank that still has some visible coralline algae harden on them?
  2. yacobito

    Switching from SW to FW, Questions?

    Thank for the reply. The info is very helpful!
  3. yacobito

    Switching from SW to FW, Questions?

    Hello, I recently had a big move and sadly had to sell off everything from my SWF tank. I also moved into a much more expensive neighborhood and with the economy being the way it is, cannot afford to start a new SW tank. I was thinking of converting my tank to a FW tank (maybe Cichlids). I...
  4. yacobito

    Puppy Question

    So I am getting rid of 30G tank and all of its contents because I have to move to Boston in a month. I have been offered my pick from a litter of CKC registered boxers in exchange. I have owned dogs in the past, but always gotten them from the SPCA or pound. Here are a couple questions I have...
  5. yacobito

    Greater Boston Area - Where to live?

    My wife and I may be moving to the Boston, MA area in September from SE Michigan, I am now researching places to live. She will be working in Brockton, MA and I will be doing my Ph.D. in Cambridge, MA. Anyone from the Boston area know of any nice neighborhoods in between those two places? Any...
  6. yacobito

    schooling fish

    DPerna, not to still your thread and maybe this question applies to you as well. Does anyone know the differences between the Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse and the Filament Flasher Wrasse? Is one smaller than the other? I was just curious.
  7. yacobito

    sixline problems

    I had a 6-line for over a year and everything was fine. One day he snapped and started chasing everyone and thing in my tank, percs, shrimp (killed one) and feather duster. He was like this for a couple weeks before I had to take him out and take him back to the LFS, but some people never have...
  8. yacobito

    Photoshop your fishs tatoo!

    Sorry Apocalypso, we must have posted this at the exact same time.
  9. yacobito

    Photoshop your fishs tatoo!

    Wow, now this is pretty wrong in my opinion. Anyone else heard of this?
  10. yacobito

    Hello, I am Helen!. And even though this my first post here

    Welcome to the Boards Helen! :jumping: -Jacob
  11. yacobito

    Zoos placement

    I say just give them some time. They will open up after adjusting to new water parameters and lighting. It has always taken a couple days to a week for mine to open up fully when newly added.
  12. yacobito

    distilled water?

    When you deionize water you get ride of both foreign ions, such as Na(+1) and Cl(-1), and any EXCESS OH and H3O. You will always have some OH and H3O that you can't take out. I work in a Nanofabrication facility, so I get my water from here. The DI water system we have takes water to 20 MOhms...
  13. yacobito

    Website Host Suggestions?

    Johnbob, Thanks so much. That's exactly what I was looking for, someone with personal experience with a site. Thanks again.
  14. yacobito

    Website Host Suggestions?

    Anyone here have their own business website? My father is starting up a new business with my uncle and they asked for some help starting their own website. Anyone have any recommendations of hosts? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. yacobito

    LFS in Pittsburgh, PA?

    Anyone here know of any LFS in Pittsburgh, PA and if possible near the Carnegie Mellon's campus?
  16. yacobito

    Any take the GMAT before?

    Thanks for the input ackermsb. I think I will do the same and buy a study book and take some practice tests. Did you go part time or full time in your program?
  17. yacobito

    Any take the GMAT before?

    I thinking about going for an MBA and was wondering if anyone on here has taken the GMAT before. I took the GRE back in 2001 and I have heard that it is similar. Anyone have any advice for studying? Anyone know how long it takes to get your scores to the schools?
  18. yacobito

    Mag 7 question

    fonzer: Are Mag pumps a brand name or some kind of standard rating number in pumps (5, 7, etc)? fender: I live in Ypsilanti too!
  19. yacobito

    Best place to buy a new tank?

    Hey, thanks for all the replies. They are all helpful. Here is another couple questions. 1. What is better glass or acrylic 2. Is it better to have a very long (length) and short (height) tank or a shorter (length) and higher (height) tank? Is width all that important? For example, out the...
  20. yacobito

    Most Overrated Band/s of all time?

    My top 4 most overrated... 1. Creed/Nickelback (aren't they one in the same?) 2. Green Day 3. Metallica 4. Oasis Its hard to put the Beatles and Elvis on any overrated list when you look at them in the context of their generation. They both were pioneers in their day and influenced music...