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  1. sskram

    Setup for my tank to top off water

    PlumRT70, Hello! I have a 240 gallon, and used to use a 40 or so gallon container as both a RO DI storage tank for future saltwater mix's and as a top off source for evaporation purposes. It worked well, but not a 100 percent! The tank was off grade, enclosed in its own room, so spills weren't a...
  2. sskram

    Screen names

    LMAO! SSKRAM It is a 1964 Chrysler 300, Silver Special K Ram. The silver special was a two door coupe 25th year anniversary model, silver in color, with a half black vinyl roof. The K, signified the two door high preformance series drivetrain and suspension, following in the line of 300 series...
  3. sskram

    Tank Pics

    Nice pics, I really like the one with the clown and shrimp! I wish my mushrooms looked like that! MY sps look good, my shrooms look like #%$@! !! Steve
  4. sskram

    Sea Apples

    I have had a sea apple in my reef for a long time. Mine sits right next to a colony of xenia, and grows fatter each month! I make sure that he is feed, and he loves the algea that gets scraped of of the glass. It is one of my favorite animals. I have never had any bad things happen. He eats...
  5. sskram

    Member's tank Pictures

    Very nice indeed! Steve
  6. sskram

    New Colt Coral

    Is 48 watts enough light? I know when I put my colt in an outdoor tank, It turned white, so I had to put it in the shade and let it regain its zooanthiliea. If you have enough light, it should keep a darker color, and do well.
  7. sskram

    Fox coral HELP!

    What are your calcium and iodine levels? Put it in the shade and in a soft flow. I have had some that once they start, its hard to come back. Then again, I actually fraged one once. I broke the shell, and cut the skin, (actually it tore a little to!) and both survived! The iodine can be high if...
  8. sskram

    What da HECK just happened?

    I have two green brittles for about 8 yrs! I feed them several times a week, one cube of algea and a cube of krill, shrimp, etc. I notice fish disappear, but my guess is that the fish doesnt last long it has died. I have xenia, and mine don't seem to touch it. I you feed them regularly, they...
  9. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    Originally posted by SSKRAM
  10. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    Originally posted by SSKRAM
  11. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    Originally posted by SSKRAM
  12. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    Originally posted by SSKRAM
  13. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    Originally posted by SSKRAM What a look!
  14. sskram

    starfish feeding on dinner & dessert!

    What a look!
  15. sskram

    Six Pic

    Nice tank! What kind of camera do you use? I am in the market for one. I like your idea of the alternating halides!
  16. sskram

    Raising Salt Levels?

    Hey there, Is there any specific reason for your discission to bump up your SG? I keep mine at 1.022. Hate to change a good thing, but many others keep sps at 1.024. I might be time to reconsider my tanks parameters, considering Florida skies does put some water into the tank. Any thoughts...
  17. sskram


    BTW, been there done that with the 400s. They were on a 8 by 4 by 4. They were to intense. I didnt have sps at the time though. They were also 20K. The 400s wont light up a bigger area, just carry the intensity deeper, say if you had a 4 foot tall tank. On a 150, (sixfoot? ) maybe 4 175MH, and 4...
  18. sskram


    hEY THERE!, Nice tank! Good luck on the upgrade. If you are going to build your own canopy, let me know, I might have some spare parts around. I think I have four electronic ballasts for 175 MH, that are in storage. The calcium reactor works great. I run about 60 bubbles/ min with about 60 ml...
  19. sskram

    ro water?

    Hello, As long as you keep any contaminets out you should be fine. I will say that if you do buy a unit, get a 3 stage RO DI. I you do buy one, you can have a float in the small bucket an use it as an auto fill system for evaporation. See ya, Steve
  20. sskram

    Some New Sps At Night.

    Originally posted by Lebowski what kind of camera? I have a sony 450 cam. I would like to get a sony camera, one that can use the same memory stick maybe? I cant take macro shots, and I dont have a flash, or wide angle lens.