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  1. mythrenody

    Solar Energy Powering An Aquarium

    Ya,Those SolaTubes over solar panels.
  2. mythrenody

    Solar Energy Powering An Aquarium

    Someone on another forum converted from MH to sun domes. DK if I can link to the thread but the product is called sun-dome by Daylighting Technologies. Said he saves like 300-500 bucks on electricity and his chiller ever turns on. Pretty neat. Wish I could do this for my 20h,hehe. Been getting...
  3. mythrenody

    My experiment with Heteractis Magnifica start today!!

    Ha! It's slowly dieing! Obviously from lack of sufficient lighting. It was doomed from the beginning buddy. You proved nothing but that you can't keep the anem' alive. Maybe later? And don't bother with a clam,They're boring,they don't move or anything I agree with Rod. +324567800 on the lock
  4. mythrenody

    Melee's new BioCube 14 tank diary! Pics

    Do you have the new corals yet?
  5. mythrenody

    What The World!

    Sink water has harmful minerals and metals in it along with chemicals like chlorine.
  6. mythrenody

    DeMartini's 8 gallon BioCube

    My LFS isn't selling their good stuff,I'm jealous
  7. mythrenody

    My new 20g

    Thanks Hahaha,I'll try not to. E46 is sweet and I'm so jealous of you! Old school is more of my thing though.
  8. mythrenody

    My new 20g

    I don't have any pics right now and I'm building a hood for my MH lamp. Pics will probably be up tommorrow,But it's my 21st bday tommorrow so dont count on it! Here's the run down. -about 10-15lbs of LR -10lbs of sand maybe,just barely 1-1/2" sand bed. -1 AC20 Powerhead. -A Marineland...
  9. mythrenody

    DeMartini's 14G BioCube

    Do you this have the 6-line wrasse? If so does it pick on your shrimp any?
  10. mythrenody

    DeMartini's 14G BioCube

    Awsome tank DeMartini! I haven't been on here in awhile and glad to see a tank like yours! I should make a post with my new 20g :thinking: Wish my LFSs got some of the stuff you have,Fox Coral and Alveopora Nice work!
  11. mythrenody

    175watt MH on a 20g?

    Oh and I was gonna replace the 10k bulb with a 20k if that would make any difference
  12. mythrenody

    175watt MH on a 20g?

    Got it,thans!
  13. mythrenody

    smallest fish?

    A LFS i've recently visited had dwarf puffers which were seriously the size of this smiley -->
  14. mythrenody

    175watt MH on a 20g?

    I will be moving my 175watt MH light from my 55g onto my newly cycling 20g and moving the corals into it also. Would this be too much light?
  15. mythrenody

    !!!i got my clowns!!!

    Originally Posted by Laddy If your tank is big enough I'd go in the opposite direction and get two more. One will become the dominant female, one will become the male, and the other three will remain juviniles. That would be awsome!
  16. mythrenody

    UPDATES!! im excited

    Looks nice As far as inverts a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp,or any kind of shrimp. Sexy Shrimp look awsome. What lights are you running? the fake plants give add a nice touch. What kind of fish do you have? Some will eat plants like the shaving brush
  17. mythrenody

    My new zoos

    Those are sweet! I'm not into names but like what Viper said RPE's,That's what they look like to me
  18. mythrenody

    New DUAL Tank!!

    Get a nice clam for a center piece in one tank and SPS for the other Or just some awsome rockwork,I dk,Funky tank setup,Awsome non the less
  19. mythrenody

    Xenia and zoo update

    You could frag the red zoas onto another piece of rock and place them somewhere. And check real close for anything could be irritating them such as sundial snails,small anemones.
  20. mythrenody

    post all your clown

    Gonna have to take a pic of my Tomato Pair