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  1. integral9

    How often should I be feeding my fish!?

    More food = more poop = more to clean up. I feed my fish once everyday. I find that flakes provide an excellent healthy diet, leave little mess as it floats better in the water column allowing the fish to eat most or all of it. However, not all fish will eat flake food at first or even ever...
  2. integral9

    What do you think about my tank cycle?

    Inverts are the most sensitive to chemistry change, so it's best to temp and drip acclimate if you can. Some people will just toss em in and live with a 50/50 survival rate. In my experience 1 will almost always die no matter what. This is actually ok for you, as it will put a few nitrates...
  3. integral9

    What is ok for a Nitrate level?

    Preferably 0, but 5 or less is ok. Anything 10 and over and it's water change time.
  4. integral9

    What do you think about my tank cycle?

    Sounds like the LR brought in enough good bacteria to prevent the cycle. You should be good to go. To be sure though, throw in a few hermit crabs to eat the diatoms and see if they survive.
  5. integral9

    Any experience with Powerbrite LED's??

    While I've never used them, I have done plenty of research on LEDs. Might even try to grow some SPS / LPS under a DIY LED light. Those look like decent lights. Current makes good lights, usually. They have a good wattage. Should be bright enough to add a shimmering effect. If you want...
  6. integral9

    Any experience with Red Sea Prizm skimmer?

    I gave up on my prizm for reasons similar to this. Is it still running crazy? If so, and you have a maxi-jet use the airline valve from it to lower the air flowing into the skimmer.
  7. integral9

    I'm *done* with powerheads, need advice

    I'm so done with powerheads and want to go to either a single inline pump or dual inline pumps. I'm thinking dual, for redundancy in case of failure, but the single option I'm thinking would be quieter and generate less heat. I have a 55g w/ a 20g sump / refuge. In my tank, all combined, I...
  8. integral9

    Tank bowing

    Both of my tanks bow about a 1/4" and have from the begining. 30g and 55g. Been up and running w/out extra bracing for 2-3 years now. The tanks were not new and I have not idea how old they are. Got them out of a neighbor's back yard when he wasn't looking... heehee. J/K. He gave them to...
  9. integral9

    Help Again Please!!!!!!!!

    be patient, stop, research about the startup procedures, keep reading. It takes a while for your tank to fully stabilize, so while you wait read some more. If you haven't read these yet:
  10. integral9

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer

    Originally Posted by Nano Reefer by brother in law's, cousin's, niece's, stepbrother's, dad's, former roomate. Y are there reflex hammers at the doctors with V!4GR4 written on them? The NASCAR wouldn't fit through the door. what makes the sea salty?
  11. integral9

    Protein Skimmer Usage

    skimmers usually have a break in period were they behave a little funny for the first month or so. Also, you are going to have to 'tune' it which may or may not extend your break in period. Plug it in, turn it on, let it run forever. You cannot 'over skim' your tank.
  12. integral9

    The Moon Poll

    This kind of crap really pisses me off. Mainly because is much more evidence that we have been there other than the moon landing videos. First, there are 20 some mirrors on the moon that we placed there and used to bounce lasers off of. Not sure why, but they are there and with a large...
  13. integral9

    to the tang popo

    If you think that's crowded, check out the tank behind the front desk at Ceasar's in Las Vegas.... Wish I could post the pic I have, it's on my fone and I can't plug it into this 'puter.
  14. integral9

    New Anemone

    It looks like it's about to start the splitting process. I can't say for sure though. I had Purple LTA once; it never set it's foot and just kept floating around. It was really frustrating. I tried everything to get it to roost. Eventually, the bottom of it started to look like the top...
  15. integral9

    New 55 gallon

    I'll be combining my 55g softie tank and 30g SPS tank when I get my 180. I'd rather go wider than deeper so I don't have to put on a wet suit just to reach the bottom and turn over that poor unlucky snail. But I also don't want something that is going to just out of the wall 1/2 way across...
  16. integral9

    Recommend a fish please

    Originally Posted by RCreations I would like to add another fish to that list. Any suggestions? No tangs or damsels please. I was thinking of a fuzzy dwarf lion. Would it get along with my other fish and is it relatively reef safe? The Bicolor would probably get eaten by the lion. Some...
  17. integral9

    red algea problem

    Does anyone know what this is? And better what eats it? I think it looks great, but its a bit out of control. It's very stubborn and rooted deep. I've even tried scrubbing the rocks with a fairly stiff nylon brush. It's litterally growing on everything. I have zero nitrates, no amonia...
  18. integral9

    upgrading lighting for 70g tall/ tek t5's?

    I'm pretty sure you can get legs for them. I think that site I linked you to has them if they don't come with the light, which they usually do.
  19. integral9

    New 55 gallon

    Originally Posted by mess88 see you all have a 55. Me too have a couple. just bought a 60 g ,nice tank. every thing off the 55 fit . 48 x 13 x24 give you a little more. So if your looking to send 120 buck looks great . My next tank will be a 180. I think it's like 70 x 24 x 24 or...
  20. integral9

    Stupid Tangs and their ick

    I don't think Copper evaporates out. Just h2o. So just add RO water. As far as water changes go. If the tank hasn't had a chance to cycle, then you'll need to monitor the Nitrates and Amonia daily and change as necessary.