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  1. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    Have been told through reef central this is fungus and so now they are in a 5 gallon hospital bucket. I am using rid ich which has the "green" in it. The fungus has seemed to stop growing but is still their. Behavior the same, it has been 3 days.
  2. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    Don't know why I have ammonia, maybe because I am due for a wc, but the 3 gallons I made up I have left ageing, thinking I may need to make a poor amns QT 50% tank water 50% new. I can not get a pick. on "ree cenrtal online" there seems to be a consensus that it is a fungus if cotton like...
  3. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    The water parameters are 77 degrees o nitrites 0 nitrates .1 ppm amonnia ph 8.2 SG 1.24 No one has any thoughts?
  4. the fisherman

    Hairy mushroom and clownfish

    My clowns like shrooms!
  5. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    I searched under "cotton clown" and a couple posts came up but no significant recomendatinons .. HELP!
  6. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    Nothing like the ich I have seen before, I have been keeping fish for 20 years and salt for two. I do not think this is ich, no scratching, seriously this thing prtrudes 5mm from the skin, can ich do that?
  7. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    They are eating like hungry little clowns, cruising the tank relentlesly. They are definately growths, the first one on his head is getting larger, and turning a hint of pink. It looks like two or three little cotton balls bigger than a piece of sand protruding from his head on the white...
  8. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    I have had two percs that are about 3/4 inch for three weeks. I noticed about a week ago that one has a "cotton ball" looking growth on one gill. Today I noticed a smaller but similar growth on the back below the tail of the other. The tank has a six line wrasse and lr with mushrooms. Clean...
  9. the fisherman

    Can't help myself. Strange algae outbreak.

    I soak my food in algea often when I think their might be added stress to the fish. New additions, ect. I also have had to fight a similar algea. A weekly harvest is all that seems to keep it under control, I suppose it is good for the compost pile?:)
  10. the fisherman

    ??? Blue spotted jawfish

    sorry to hear about the jawfish. They are great fish and around here it has been hard to find them lately. I have heard of people using cellofane over their tank, and changing it each week, sounds like a good idea to me?!
  11. the fisherman

    ID please little marble eggies.

    On a small piece of LR I had 3 little round shiny blackish brown marbles. They looked out of place. I do not know where they came from I added a couple pieces of LR a couple months ago. I also added some turbo snails, an emerald crab, and some blue leg crabs. It is a 20 gallon hex with two...
  12. the fisherman

    I think red alga

    Could it be "red slime", it would look like the name. There is a med called something like Re Slime Away that gets rid of it quick.
  13. the fisherman

    The leathal spots.

    Beth, do you say it is not velvet because the fish is surviving? If not is it similar, Ich? The only change I see tonight is an increase in the # of tiny spots. I forgot to mention I have also increased temp to 80. Should I continue water changes?
  14. the fisherman

    The leathal spots.

    I a Klarki Clown who looks like he is on his way out. He is in a 20 gal reef. My Jawfish disappeared about a month ago. The Klarki(Bert) is breathing rapidly, his fins look faded. Tiny white dot seem to have formed around his head, and eyes look clouded. Since it is a reef I have just...
  15. the fisherman


    I use a can of minced garlic, I soak food for an hour or so and dump it all in Tank seems fine.
  16. the fisherman

    Who is that in my tank?

    This mourning at around 7 am I happened to be next to my tank when the lights popped up. I saw a long "octopus" leg retreating into a hole under some liverock. I am assuming that it is a brittle star that I bought back in February when I was a super newbie, only 3 months into salt...
  17. the fisherman

    Adding sand on top of argomite or go with a skimmer.

    I have a 20 gallon hex minireef. At the very bottom is an inch of small gravel (came with the used tank and I was a super newbie), on top of that I put a bag or argomite that has taken up about 4 more inches. The tank is about nine months old. It has a Klarki Clown a Jawfish (the argomite...
  18. the fisherman

    best bang for the buck - reef lighting

    I have had good luck with ahsupply for retrofit lights.
  19. the fisherman

    Need 3 beginner fish selections

    Am I the only guy that has had terrible luck with royal gammas? Have have sent to to a better place due to ich. My choice would be a clown, Maybe a Clarki or other variety rather than the percula.
  20. the fisherman

    Tell me what u think of my setup im getting.

    Sounds like a lot of fish. Go slow and see how it goes. Go with the least aggresive fish first.