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  1. mr . salty

    Scratches in Glass

    I doubt if this guy had a GLASS tank. Glass can not be buffed out. Scratches are pretty much permanent. Once the tank is full,they will become harder to see.But large deep scratches will still be visible. If the back of the tank is scratch free,you should think about spinning the tank around,and...
  2. mr . salty

    Lighting question

    For soft corals you could get away with VHO,or PC lighting. But clams require very intense lighting. (Metal Halite).
  3. mr . salty


    Check the contacts in your end caps. Salt can make it's way in there,and cause a poor connection. If they are clean,your ballast may be bad.
  4. mr . salty

    pendat vs hood?

    On a smaller tank like your 90,,it is sometimes better,,,not to mention easier,,,to simply hang pendants. Plus on your 90,twin 250's in a canopy will literally boil the water. Hanging them eliminates this problem.
  5. mr . salty

    filtration equipment

    Your best bet would be to stick with what you know. That is to go with the wet dry,,and leave this "algae scrubber" for someone else to mess with. A new steup can be frustrating enough just getting it going,,,why add more headaches by trying something your not sure about. I mean,,what if the...
  6. mr . salty

    175W Metal halide bulb from electronic store?

    It really depends on what the "K"rating,,,or color spectrum of the bulb is. 14000V means nothing to me,,,you need to find out what the "K" is. Most likly this is a cheep low rated bulb that really wouldn't be good for any tank. You need a "K" value of 10,000 or more (IMO).
  7. mr . salty

    DIY chiller

    Over the years there have been many that have tried,,,but I have not heard of one that actually worked.
  8. mr . salty

    MH Retro

    Without actually seeing what you are talking about here,,,I'd have to say that there ARE better deals out there on retro MH kits. I mean,$95 and you dont get a bulb.OR EVEN WIRES!!! The two 175 kits I have were like 80 bucks apiece.With bulbs and wires. But if you can't find anything better,I...
  9. mr . salty

    Return Pump Slow. Can't add more H2O to tank

    There should be an adjustment on your overflow box to raise or lower the level in the tank. By raising the box,,,the water raises,,,lowering it lowers the water level. If there is no adjustment,,try putting something on the lip of the aquarium to raise the box. If you figure it out,be ready to...
  10. mr . salty

    The Free Coralife T-shirt

    They have to do something to get people to buy that stuff. Personally my money goes for REEF CRYSTALS.No tee shirt,,,but better salt!!!
  11. mr . salty


    St.Joeseph/Benton Harbor most of my life. Now staying in Ohio.
  12. mr . salty


    SANDING,,,SANDING,,,and MORE SANDING!!! This is the only way to these. You need to spend more time working with each grade before moving on to the next. When done,,a fine acrylic polish should do the trick. GOOD LUCK.
  13. mr . salty

    Help with DIY lights.

    The type of lighting you need really depends on what you want the tank to end up as. You say you want a fowlr,but then mention plantlife??? A fish only tank really only requires enough light for you to see the fish,,,so regular flos are fine. Adding live rock increases the need for better...
  14. mr . salty

    auto refill wiring

    This type of setup is really not such a good idea. If either on of these floats were to malfunction,you will have a mess on yout hands. The drip method is far more reliable. Or just bite the bullet and add water by hand everyday.This is what I do,and have never had a problem!!!
  15. mr . salty

    Powerhead too large???

    if you are indeed getting a cyclone in there,it could very well be too much. Plus puffers are poor swimmers,so too much is not good for them. I have found that 4 smaller pumps work much better for circulation than one big one does. You may also want to try experimenting with spray bars on the...
  16. mr . salty

    DIY Stand this weekend

    Being only three feet long,,and framing it with 2x4's,,,you shouldn't need a center brace at all. And a top is prolly not needed as well.But a piece of acustic/insulation foam cut to fit would be a good idea. And think about waterproofing the inside of the stand.I did this with mine,and more...
  17. mr . salty


    That should be ok lighting for most low,and medium corals. Just be sure the bulbs are not old. Flo's need to be replaced at least once a year.But with corals,every six months may be a better idea.
  18. mr . salty

    hermit crabs

    As long as you have an ample supply of new,larger shells in the tank,,,the hermit will move to a new one when HE feels it's time.
  19. mr . salty

    XM Satellite Radio anyone?????

    I had seriously looked at this as an option for my new car,,But instead went with a 12 disk changer. This has actually turned out to be a much better choice for me.No monthly charges,,and when set to random play,,offers hours and hours of my chosen favorite,and unrepeted songs.
  20. mr . salty

    help with lighting please

    With a tank that large you will almost have to go with either VHO(very high output flo),or MH(metal halite).Or both!!! You mention suspending these lights.That almost eliminates VHO.and sticks you with MH. But using MH or VHO in a canopy doesn't mean a chiller is needed. Placing fans in the...