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  1. clown boy Commercial

    Originally Posted by socal57che Welcome back. Now, where is that pesky Journeyman? Hey, I thought he was a moderator! Did he leave?
  2. clown boy Commercial

    Originally Posted by Blackjacktang Dude your back! yay lol wat happend to ur tanks? I did the samething, left my account for about a year and a half, anyways thanks for posting that! it would b great if you finished it! Actually, I sold my tank. It was time for me to move on. But I'll be...
  3. clown boy Commercial

    Wow, it's about time I wipe the dust from this account. I haven't been in my own stomping grounds in... well, years. Literally years. *wipes dust* *cough* *cough* Now, to the subject at hand. I actually never finished this commercial. I suppose I could, if I drummed up enough interest. But...
  4. clown boy

    Age of Empires 3 anyone?

  5. clown boy

    Age of Empires 3 anyone?

    Hello again, ya'll! I've been running on the demo version of Age of Empires 3 for a while now, and am thinking about how nice it would be to have the full version and be able to play other humans. But I don't really have $30 to throw away for a game. So does anyone have Age of Empires 3 and...
  6. clown boy

    THIS IS FOR YOU Darthtang AW!!!! Come everyone!

    Not bad for Paint, my boy, not bad. Look up Adobe Fireworks. That'll be a significant step up from Paint, and it's much more user-friendly then Adobe Photoshop.
  7. clown boy

    This tank is amazing (in HD)

    Wow... that is incredible when viewed in fullscreen...
  8. clown boy

    Auto Bailout Approved

    Originally Posted by renogaw wb CB, where you been? Holy smokes, Mike, you're a moderator!!! Have I been away that long?? Congratulations! I've been busy in my filmmaking... it seems my projects have gotten huge (like... working on theatrical releases...)... so I haven't had time for this...
  9. clown boy

    Auto Bailout Approved

    Why don't they put some of these billions into getting us out of national debt, for goodness sakes...
  10. clown boy

    Just quit smoking!

  11. clown boy

    Movies that other people thought were "FANTASTIC" that you thought sucked!

    Transformers. Terrific robots, terrific CG, terrific acting, terrific score, terrific climax, terrific storyline, terrific idea, terrible moral aesthetics... The ruined a movie that would have otherwise been my favorite secular Hollywood film. Why??
  12. clown boy

    CAN WAIT FOR THE NEW GTA(grand theft auto)

    Ok, nevermind. I researched it a bit, and found out it was rated M... (don't want to start a debate, BTW)
  13. clown boy

    CAN WAIT FOR THE NEW GTA(grand theft auto)

    I haven't got any of them. What are they like?
  14. clown boy

    Explain you username

    Oh no... ANOTHER one of these threads???
  15. clown boy

    Random Questions

    No, it doesn't. Not in space, anyways. But it has an atmosphere that would muffle any kind of rocketry like that. LOL they said to ask random questions...
  16. clown boy

    Random Questions

    Originally Posted by renogaw need to over come inertia (sp??)... you wouldn't be able to build a rocket big enough to move a planet's weight. this is the flaw in all these "nuke the asteroid" theories. But how can planets have weight if it's weightlessly floating around in space...
  17. clown boy

    Random Questions

    Because it might give you food poisoning. Since there is no resistance in space, why can't the planets and moons that don't have an atmosphere be pushed with something like an upside-down rocket engine?
  18. clown boy

    You know something is WRONG with the world when you need police in RIOT Gear!

    I've been avoiding Chinese Products at almost all costs for a while now. The injustices involving their making things cheap are astounding.
  19. clown boy

    Random Questions

    Wow, I haven't been on this forum in a while... Here's one: Why are public schools teaching parts of the Koran in California, but any references to Christianity are not allowed?