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  1. sepulatian

    New to Saltwater need help.

    Just so you know, unless the sand was very wet and not in a sealed bag, it isn't really "live". You should have rinsed it. It's ok though, as mentioned, just let the filter run. It will remove the excess debris.
  2. sepulatian

    Do you let your kids watch the news?

    I agree with Meowzer here. News is life. If they are babies then they probably don't need the latest on all of Detroit's fun. Also remember that kids see things way different than we do. My teenaged son was home sick today. He caught a Tom and Jerry cartoon. He was horrified that the St. Bernard...
  3. sepulatian

    need help! thanks!

    Your tank is very new. I know it looks great, but you have many stages to go through. Slow down...
  4. sepulatian

    low salt level ( mistake)

    Seabassi, you should also be pre-mixing the water. If you just add salt to the change water and dump it in, the salt will mix with the water in the tank. There is a gas exchange that takes place which reduces the amount of oxygen in the tank, which can effect your other readings, which will...
  5. sepulatian

    sand sifter fish advice

    What are you planning to keep in your tank? That will help you decide what to get.
  6. sepulatian


    Watch him closely. A 10 gallon is kind of small for him. You don't want to stress him out unIess you don't have much of a choice. If the area isn't red then you won't need to medicate. See how he looks in a day or two and make sure he is eating. The torn part of the tail will grow back.
  7. sepulatian

    Any OTHER reasons for a salt-grain speck on a fish?

    He does look great in the video.
  8. sepulatian

    ????is this right ?????

    You COULD re-use the sand, but I would rinse the heck out of it first. I mean a bucket and a hose and don't stop mixing until that water runs crystal clear. Everything else, what Acrylic said.
  9. sepulatian

    Please help with ich, its bad

    Hi. What all is in this tank? Do you have live rock and inverts? Raising the temp and lowering the salinity without lowering it to hyposalinity level will only stress your fish more. I am not familiar with that med. I am going to move this over to Disease and Treatment so you can get help quickly.
  10. sepulatian


    Scarecrow, bring a sample of your water to the local fish store (lfs). Have them test it just to be sure. 1.026 is not high, but who knows if your hydrometer is accurate. I kept all of my tanks at 1.026. If you do need to lower it, be sure to trickle fresh back in. No big changes to the SG.
  11. sepulatian


    Looks bacterial to me too. You can treat this yourself with a better diet and vitamins, boosting the immune system. If it isn't improving though, you may have to QT and treat him with some meds.
  12. sepulatian


    I agree Flower, consistency is key. I can only speak for my own experiences, as can you. I had a deep six hydrometer, that cost me maybe $6. I had heard, from many others on this site, that the readings can be off. I asked, well are they normally higher or lower? Thinking maybe I can do the math...
  13. sepulatian


    As you can see, you will get advice of all kinds. Do your own research and see what works best for you. I had a swing arm hydrometer that read that my tanks SG was at 1.025 and it was actually at 1.032 when tested with a refractometer (that I bought for $39.99), which is really high for most...
  14. sepulatian

    what is a good....

    Lol order from here. They have an excellent reputation :)
  15. sepulatian


    You don't test your salt level?? Oh lordy, before you buy ANYTHING else, purchase a refractometer, and a test kit that tests ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and PH. Post those results. We will help you from there...
  16. sepulatian


    Scarecrow, you HAVE to test your SG. Don't just guess when to top off. Also adding tap and Dasani, without knowing what is in either isn't a good idea. What are you using to test you SG now?
  17. sepulatian

    Miss me?

    Of course they count, they are the only ones that always say the right things! haha
  18. sepulatian


    Live ghost shrimp would probably be more enticing. You can add vitachem, Zoecon, or whatever vitamins you currently add, to the water with the shrimp before you add them to the tank. The lion will get them if his food gets them.
  19. sepulatian

    My dilemma (not bad) :(

    Very awesome!!! Keep us posted!