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  1. cora

    48" MH for sale

    I've been planning on buying that particular light. I would buy it now through paypal, but I'm waiting for my tax return (electronic deposit) to go through, should only be a few days. I currently have a 75 gallon with pc's but want a mh combo. Please let me know if that would be acceptable
  2. cora

    Comparing salts

    Seachem was my latest experiment in salt brands and it was a disaster. The pH was really high (6.1), the alk was really low (1.8), calcium high (460) and Mag was low (900). Not anywhere near what the package predicted at 1.025 sg. I thought my test kits must be bad and bought new ones--same...
  3. cora

    Ich Outbreak. Please Help

    Here's something else you could try. I've had my tank for 6 years and have had ich problems, especially with tangs, 4 or 5 times. In my humble opinion, ich is always present, and ditching live rock, sand, etc. won't change that. Healthy fish rarely get ich if they aren't stressed, but when they...
  4. cora

    You know your in trouble when....

    Merredith--good for you, that kind of family chore blackmail is never bad if it works! the whole freezer door of my fridge is for frozen fish food also, plus numerous cabinet spaces and storage room space is filled with used aquarium equipment and parts and pieces. Unbelieveable how much stuff...
  5. cora

    New Skimmer Help Plz

    I have a CSS and the adjustment is SUPER sensitive. I have to the turn the red knob in such small increments that I can barely tell I'm turning it. If you allow the foam to just barely become visible at the bottom of the center tube of the cup and let it run that way for awhile, it should settle...
  6. cora

    Building a Refugium?

    Or you can purchase a hang on the back (HOB) type and save space and work. I have two CPRs on my 75 gal. Not sure if they have them on this site, but the drs. sell them. Just don't get the one with the built-in back pac skimmer, I did and the skimmer doesn't work well, so bad I unplugged the air...
  7. cora

    CPR hang on refugium.

    I have two cpr HOB fuges, a small and a large. The larger (25") has a built-in Back Pac skimmer. The fuges are fine, but the skimmer is next to worthless--it either foams up and pulls nothing but water, or rarely does anything at all. I've adjusted it everyway possible, but with few working...
  8. cora

    I think I made a mistake...

    Thanks Maxalmon and NM Reef for your replies Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I was gone over the weekend. I sent SWF an email, no answer as yet. I'm hoping they will trade the blue legs for two serpent stars and a brittle star—I would feel a little safer with them—if not, I guess I'll live with...
  9. cora

    I think I made a mistake...

    Anybody? I don't want to get them if they will get big and knock corals, etc. around. Anybody had experience with them?
  10. cora

    I think I made a mistake...

    Yesterday I ordered some blue-leg crabs from SWF. The size listed was 3/4 in. I thought they were the dwarfs, but it didn't actually say "dwarf" and I've seen them listed elsewhere as 1/4 in. Does anyone know if they are dwarfs? If not will they get big and destructive? Is it too late to change...
  11. cora

    Tank pics.

    Your tank is beautiful! How big is your sump? Is that a green carpet anemone in the front? I have a question on the Maxi Jets—I didn't know you could get them with swivel heads —are they actually Maxi Jet brand? If so, where did you get them? After years of going through powerheads, Maxi Jets...
  12. cora

    WEIRD brown algae.. anything guys?

    Sounds like brown diatom algae, if so, you can usually just blow it off the rocks by using a powerhead in your hand—won't work on glass, but it easily wipes off glass. It will grow anywhere the flow from powerheads hits, and tops of rocks, on substrate, etc. where light falls on it. If you let...
  13. cora

    When to harvest macroalgae??

    Chipmaker— I was hoping that was the case because I need alot of it right now. My present fuge is small and I'm getting a larger one, but need macro to use up nitrates. Thanks for your reply, sorry I'm late in responding, I haven't been near a computer since Tuesday evening.
  14. cora

    When to harvest macroalgae??

    I've read that macroalgae should be harvested periodically or it may crash and leach all the unwanted nutrients back into the tank. My question is how do you know when to harvest it, how—and what if it's cheato? I have several big brillo pads of chaeto, they just keep getting bigger and I've...
  15. cora

    What is this thing?

    It looks like a peanut worm, I've found them in my tank before. The head kind of looks like the nose of a vole. They retract the head back inside their body. They're good guys. If you have Ron Shemik's book on invertebrates, there's a photo of one in there.
  16. cora

    HEY time to review skimmers.....

    Sorry to cut into your thread, but since we are discussing skimmers—Does anyone have an opinion on or experience with a Backpack 2R? I'm considering buying an HOB refugium with one built in. I presently have a Seaclone. Would the backpack be better?
  17. cora

    Anemone won't attach

    I think I will try another kind of clown and if they fight I can return it. I've had the carpets for about 8 months with no problem, although I'm sure they would eat other tankmates if they were foolish enough to touch them, but they all seem to know better. Unleashed—You are brave to live so...
  18. cora

    Anemone won't attach

    What is a gs maroon? The only reason I wanted to get another clown was in hopes of finding something that would host the carpet anemones, the maroon wouldn't have anything to do with them. So unless a gs? maroon would be interested, I'm probably better off with just the one maroon clown, huh?
  19. cora

    Anemone won't attach

    It's a 75 gallon with only 5 fish and a Kenya tree coral, 2 skunk-back shrimp, a sally light foot and a black sea urchin. Since the LTA is attached to the dish, I could move in to other end of tank from the carpets, they're fairly close together toward one end.
  20. cora

    Anemone won't attach

    It's a 75 gallon with only 5 fish and a Kenya tree coral, 2 skunk-back shrimp, a sally light foot and a black sea urchin. Since the LTA is attached to the dish, I could move in to other end of tank from the carpets, they're fairly close together toward one end.