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  1. dvst8r

    new camera couple quick pics

    baby girl Olivia Grace
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    new camera couple quick pics

    Really dont think I'm gonna go reef anytime soon. Just welcomed my first child into this world so time and money are of the essence right now. In the future that is my plan though.
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    new camera couple quick pics

    Thank you....The tank is 125 gallons.
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    new camera couple quick pics

  5. dvst8r

    EMERGENCY please help

    thank you everyone got all the glass out...put my back up heater in...started water for a water change just in case...and researching titanium heaters. any suggestions on a good heater would be awesome...hopefully all is the way HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!
  6. dvst8r

    EMERGENCY please help

    i just broke a heater in my sump for my tank...will this harm the livestock???? I removed the heater and glass immediately but it had a horrible smell to it. The heater was a 250w all glass aquarium submersible heater, has this happened to anybody before or any tips on what to do next would be...
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    LFS ???'S

    Anybody on this sight live in northeastern ohio that could recommend a good lfs. It would be greatly appreciated I'm thinking about pet supplies plus in Alliance ohio but thats quite a drive for me has anybody done business with them before and if so how did it go??? Well anyways thanks for...
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      hopefully this is a litlle better
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          not exactly sure what these things are but they are sprouting up everywhere...  
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    guaging interest

    since im gonna have to relocate here very soon i'd like to know if i could sell this thing for the price id like heres the list 125 aga modern series cherry stand 130 lbs lr 55 lbs ls 40 gallon wet/dry proclear aquatics skimmer rated for 200 gallons proclear aquatics 2 250 watt heaters mag...
  11. dvst8r

    Unidentified Angelfish. Help

    That really looks like a juvenile blue face angel fish. The lfs that i go to always has them however they normally cost well over $100 more like $129-169 depending on how big they are and how far changed they have
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    Unidentified Angelfish. Help

    Hey Jjjoey Wheres That Lfs @ I Need To Start Getting Deals Like That
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    300 gal eqipment recomendations?

    Originally Posted by Agent707 I dunno... just my thinking I guess. I'd think that if I bought a 300 gallon tank... I'd already know quite a bit about what I was getting into. Like how much water flow.... :notsure: For starters, your total turn over rate does not go through your...
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    Fish for Sale

    Got Any Pics Of The Golden Puffer And Maybe Details How Long Have You Had It And Stuuf Like That I Could Be Very Interested
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    indo or aussie

    Yea I Know That Clown Is Gonna Get Aggressive I Plan On Setting Up A 240 Over The Winter And Turning The 125 Into A Reef
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    indo or aussie

    Well everyone is probably tired of me with this post but heres a little better pic
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    Early Birthday Present

    well my brother from another mother that is one cool looking fish however it raises just one question since hes taking swipes at your moray does that mean hes in the display tank already and that the almighty aw2 king of knowledge and the zeus of fish gods doesnt quarantine his fish like the...
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    help with harlequin tuskfish

    i posted a couple pice in the photography forum if anybody could give a look at them however there not the best quality
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    To much water movement?

    aim for 10-15 times turnover for fowlr and over 20x for corals and such
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    i'm new to this, what do you think of my tank?

    ouch somebody call the fire department this poor guy has 3rd degree burns all over from being flames so much....hey bro the tank looks good might wanna check out the a few good books you can find them on sale on this website if you look under dry goods GOOD LUCK.......AND........GOOD FISHING