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  1. ohioguy06

    weekend photo feature:

    Nothing to special here just a pic of my sohal swimmin. Picture was take with a Konica Minolta Dimage Z10. Picture was taken hand held pic as is.
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    hope everyone enjoys
  3. ohioguy06

    Michigan role call...

    I will second the tropicorium its an awesome joint as stated tanks are awesome and you could spend half a day there looking at every specimen thats for sale they have captive born rays and sharks there alot of corals beyond all beliefs and its over all good service a little hectic at time but...
  4. ohioguy06

    testing pics.

    whats the list of stock you have in there
  5. ohioguy06

    testing pics.

    Well i see you managed to get some pics up there keep em coming lets see whatcha ya got to show us all! nice lion by the way.
  6. ohioguy06

    testing pics.

    Hey cartman just copy the img tag at the bottom of where the picture is it should be the last slot there.
  7. ohioguy06

    My 29 Gallon Reef : D

    Nice looking tank jjoey!
  8. ohioguy06

    Will a lion eat a Linka?

    mad u dont like us anymore..........and to answer your question i do beilve you dont have to worry bout that my friend.
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    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    i place all min in the sumps and they have worked on a couple occasiouns due to rio pumps.
  10. ohioguy06

    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    Basically in my view it is a must with all the electrical components we use in this hobby
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    Going to Disney

    to me a day trip there is so you can see the shows and enjoy everything there i spent two does there and epcot but most of the time was spent at animal kingdom
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    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    i cant give u an honest answer because i dont know for sure but i would think if u could unplug it it would be ok but i think sticking your hand in to find out wouldnt be all that dfun and it doesnt cost alot for the gfci's at all and most electricians wont chare an arm and a leg to come in an...
  13. ohioguy06

    Going to Disney

    Epcot is wonderful fot adults and make sure u take the kiddys to to animal kindgom i stayed there couple moths ago and to wake up every morning with wildanimals outside my window was asweosme it was like being on a safari
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    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    You can get them at homedepot or other do it yourself stores and u will have to play with a litte wireing because gfci is a plug if im not mistaken and the other is a circuit breaker which you should in most states have a licensed electrician install them so that homeowners insurance is covered
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    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    and the other is the same only its a breaker that goes in your electrical box
  16. ohioguy06

    Danger Of Grounding Probes

    A GFCI is a ground fault current interupter it shuts the power down when basically strau voltage is present.
  17. ohioguy06

    What's left for sale

    im interseted in the ro myself just wondering what the specs are on it
  18. ohioguy06

    Suporting The Mods

    Not trying to be rude joe is this thread desighned to get you popularity because if it is its not working. there is main thread alreayd for basically the topic yolu have choosen to start. why not leave it at that.
  19. ohioguy06

    Crocea Clam For Sale/trade Il!

    will you ship to toledo ohio?
  20. ohioguy06

    Please take note:

    im not here to argue to much just stateing fact... in a recent post connor had started a thread about a great deal that he had gotten on some frags of blastosmusa or somthing to the expensive side...... i may have gotten introuble my self and been banned but in the thread i think a mod that...