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  1. maeistero

    10 gallon long tank as a sump?

    Yeah, no way on the cheap stand. You won't ever want to move your tank and risk disturbing your nitrates. Undoubtedly you will have salt creep and water all over that particleboard which will destroy it and you'll lose everything. The #1 rule of saltwater is to never skimp on anything. (#2 is a...
  2. maeistero

    hmmmm what fish do you think i should get??????????

    just the clown for now. you'll probably be more interested in crabs and other inverts than fish. t5? small version of your typical flourescent 4ft old school light. it's much better and more expensive. You don't necessarily need that for a fish only tank.
  3. maeistero

    Beginner needing advice

    well well well.... I'm in lawrence over here and we do have some help for you in wichita. salt - city dot org. KCRA is onto you now lol save the black sand!!!! there's a local reefer that's looking for a lot of it and he'll probably trade you something if you don't like it. you're going to have...
  4. maeistero

    I is Noob :)

    Nano Air Wood Protein Skimmer search on e, it's like $15. the only way to adjust is with water level but in a 5 i'd imagine you'll have no problems with that. oh and i don't think it's necessary whatsoever on a nano. it'd be so much easier to just have an 10 with mixed water and a powerhead. a...
  5. maeistero

    Newbie Alert!!! 90 Gallon HELP needed

    no tap water, yes on the 5gal bucket of salt you'll need it carib-sea is great stuff and will help your cycle go a little quicker, stay away from crushed coral you can mix the ro water with your salt in the empty tank, after that pre-mix it. or you can usually buy saltwater at a lfs. be careful...
  6. maeistero

    A ~19,000 Gallon Fish Tank

    Thanks for posting these pics nahham. Take as many as possible, I love seeing the very early nuts and bolts of a project of this size.
  7. maeistero

    How much sand depth do you use?

    Originally Posted by ReefForBrains UNDER 1.5 inch or OVER 4 inch. Avoid anything in between Deep sand beds have pros and cons, so do shallow ones. For sake of beginning in the hobby, go shallow. Much less worry and chemistry issue for someone out of the gate. hmm.. so over 4" and under 1.5"...
  8. maeistero

    Help maintaining canister filter

    if you're ats woody, get ahold of henry. i'll help you out. otherwise, post a location as cannisters take personal attention to figure out.
  9. maeistero

    How would you handle it?

    I will never put down a pit bull. They are wonderful and protective dogs. How many of you know that most of them are deaf due to their breeding? They are easily surprised, how many of you knew that as a child. Educate your children. A chain does nothing for a pit, neither does a collar. Their...
  10. maeistero

    Misrepresentation ~ what is board policy

    Originally Posted by GrouperGenius I'm not sure the answer about policy, but I see lots of folks who don't put where they are then want shipping quotes and stuff. Personally, I like to see what reefers are near me in case they need help, can help, want to trade or sell frags, and what not. I...
  11. maeistero

    The playoffs are coming!! The playoffs are coming!!

    you fail at being a basketball fan. North Carolina and Kansas play tomorrow in the final four.
  12. maeistero

    Who Wields The Most Power?

    big business owns all the power in the US right now. as much as we have done to spread democracy and capitalism across the world we have effectively screwed ourselves. the world took our advice and now sells us everything; we produce little to nothing. sure the voting right could change policy...
  13. maeistero

    Forum Rules

    don't drink and post. don't mention any competitor sites as this is primarily a store. no religion debates. threads that get off subject with two people arguing are sometimes locked up. don't bring up threads that are years old. there's more i'm sure.
  14. maeistero

    Playground Sand

    no playground sand is salt safe anymore. people say southdown, but they started shipping mixed pallets of thier new and old stuff and it's all new now at home depot. ditch the idea and get some aragonite from a pet store. it's either that or completely break down your tank a couple months from...
  15. maeistero

    starting the overflow

    another trick is to mark where your little bubble is on the top of the u-tube. get yourself an airvalve, drill a hole and put it in. connect your air hose to that and suck until all air is out but not in your mouth, close valve and be done.
  16. maeistero

    umm i guess i need major help. COPPER question

    75gal tank is dirt cheap. you've already made a few mistakes by using crushed coral, doing it again, and putting a lion in a small tank. realize that you're going to spend more money than a small tank before you learn what you're doing here. see how deep the water is before you dive
  17. maeistero

    what color is a niger trigger

    they change color as they age. i grew up a ford mustang fanatic and i liken them to the mystic paint color. they change in different lights. adults sometimes look dark green, dark purple, or even black. the young ones in a bright flour light will be the sea green you see under the pics on this...
  18. maeistero

    Light Timers

    those cheapos tend to wear down the plastic push pins. i run $20 timers wired directly into the circuit. they'll last forever.
  19. maeistero

    Used tank treated with copper?

    maybe i'm old school, but i can't bring myself to say it's all good. when your fish die you will find trace copper in them just like you find lead in our blood. differing levels are proven to shorten their lives. as far as this particular tank goes, do you really know what was used to bond the...
  20. maeistero

    LR from the Ocean?

    pm sent. 'bout to head on to bed, yawn.