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  1. anubisxero

    No more rics or zoas

    Wow. Not much else to say beyond that. Just. Wow. =/
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    Is it too early for a drink?

    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman I need one right now! I took girls to day care this morning, drove up to the parking lot and took Brianna out. Alexis was telling me that she wants to stay in the car. OK... she didn't change her mind so I start peeling her off her seatbelts and she is starting...
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    Got A New Cellphone Today!!!!

    Love my LG enV2 =)
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    kid pics

    Originally Posted by m0nk Yup, they sure are. Very cute pics though... your one twin in the first pic is camera shy. LOL Thanks. Yeah she was doin the whole 'talk to the hand' thing. Starting early. Oh boy. >.< They're both starting to get their personalities. It's fun watching them study...
  5. anubisxero

    WTB 20g long or 40g breeder for frag tank, Rockford, IL.

    Looking for a 20g or 40g to start a frag tank. I've been looking everywhere for a used tank to try to save a few bucks. If anybody in the area has something for sale or knows someone who does, i'd appreciate if you'd drop me a line. Thanks! Jason
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    kid pics

    Yikes! those are huge. >.<
  7. anubisxero

    kid pics

    My brand new baby girls. And their bright eyed big sister. Daddy's girl. Can't you tell?
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    Yellow Fin Wrasse Rides Yellow Shrimp Goby

    Originally Posted by Scopus Tang Snapped this last night when the Yellow Fin was displaying. Didn't even realize what I had to I was looking at shots later. Pretty funny ~ almost looks like optical illusion! "MAN, this guy is such a pain in my wrasse." LOL
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    just noticed

    Originally Posted by crimzy All I know is I'll never change my avatar. This is the best baby pic I have!!!
  10. anubisxero

    just noticed

    I love my avatar too much to change it. That face says, "don't even think about asking me for one of my fruit-snacks, daddy" And I didn't. >.<
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    I'm back...

    Originally Posted by MonaLisa Hi Jason!! I think of you often. How are things?? Lisa Awh, well aren't you a sweetheart. :) Things are good, things are very different, but good. Back to working, annnnnd we just had two new additions to our family. So i'm a proud daddy once more and a very...
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    Mystery Sand Circles?

    Originally Posted by Reefman22 wow i feel kinda dumb first i thought it might be snails but at the end of the trails there arent any snails. they just kinda stop. did the snail jump? reefman Well if your snails are nassarius or cerith snails then if you fall your snail trails and...
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    Went fishing and caught some corals

    Originally Posted by Brewski4u1
  14. anubisxero

    Went fishing and caught some corals

    lol are you kidding me? caught some corals?
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    wavemaster pro by red sea

    Originally Posted by mkzimms thats the beauty of running maxi-jets... they're great pumps and when they die just find some change in the couch and by a new one.
  16. anubisxero

    Carlos Mencia

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW I thought eddie murphy did the ice cream song and Cosby's was Chocolate cake. +1! Daaaad is great. He gives us the chocolate cake!
  17. anubisxero

    Anyone Seen Maxalmon?

    Originally Posted by renogaw i've been wrong before, but i don't think so on this one. but, he also shows activity on april 8 08 and is still listed as a mod, so maybe i'm wrong. Maybe he's just been busy with work and whatnot.
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    Carlos Mencia

    Originally Posted by COWFISHRULE i guess nobody here has ever seen bill cosby "himself". i saw carlos 2 years ago at the virus tour. i thought he was funny. george carlin (pre-heart attack) was f'n hysterical. AHAHA "himself" "I cabn't feel my lib'bits.." "I feel like my lib'bits is fall'n...
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    Anyone Seen Maxalmon?

    Originally Posted by renogaw never could get an answer, and they always delete the threads posted about him. That's disheartening. Justin was an all around good guy. =/ Way unfortunate.
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    Carlos Mencia

    Originally Posted by Pontius I was wondering what you meant by "of our time", thinking that maybe you're a teenager or something. then I look and see you're actually older than I am. wow. that's a bold statement you make there. off the top of my head, I could think of probably a dozen comedians...