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  1. moneyman

    call of duty live names

    Sept 12-14 is double XP for those on Live.... Change water or play COD4? ... ... hmmm ...
  2. moneyman

    Anybody following the LHC? (Large Hadron Collider)

    Originally Posted by Beth I am a strong supporter of throwing money at science, and especially space science, but to me, this thing was just a big waste of money. I mean, couldn't all those millions be put toward getting humans to Mars or something like that?? We are going to Mars and beyond...
  3. moneyman

    my experiment with sugar dosing.

    Originally Posted by RotaryGeek fortunetly i have a skilter 250 that functions better as a way to introduce air to my system than as a skimmer.. Did your skilter pull out much more gunk after you dose sugar? If not, stop dosing sugar and upgrade your skimmer. Dosing sugar/vodka w/o a good...
  4. moneyman


    Originally Posted by Pinstripe 70gal. 1x150 MH 10,000k. 2x96 dual actinics. Fluval 405, Prisim Pro skimmer, no sump. All levels @ 0, pH 8.2, temp 78f. Reef tank. Upgrade from 30 gal, total runtime about 2 years. I test for pretty much everything, and all my levels are where I want them to be...
  5. moneyman

    TDS Test Results, good or bad

    Originally Posted by scrapman Pls xcuse my ignorance: How do you test your RO/DI water for TDS?? Thanks TDS meter ... seriously...
  6. moneyman

    question about the smileys

    Originally Posted by jennythebugg ok has anyone else noticed that when you write certain words that a smiley will come up in the middle of the word? like if a word has b and w right beside each other a brick wall smiley will come up? see any way to avoid that? ... hmm... doesn't happen...
  7. moneyman

    Seachem Test Kit

    Originally Posted by trish&dave Thank you so much for the response! Is the cotton floss provided with the kit? Not sure what that is. yes, the floss is in the kit. There's a bag full of them. It's just a q-tip size piece of what-seems-like-cotton ball. Seachem has a great support forum...
  8. moneyman

    Can't get CA up

    Use the reef calculator (google it) to determine how much solid Calcium Chloride and Baking soda you need. The solution is weak and is mostly used to maintain (not raise) calcium/alkalinity. Also, check your magnsium level and calcium/mag/alk of your salt mix.
  9. moneyman

    Dosing Pump Question

    Originally Posted by scsdlh34 My question is are dosing pumps helpful and exactly how do they work? Do you set how much drips in? Does it monitor your levels for you, then add accordingly? You set the rate of dosing in term of mL/hr (or min). It just doses that amount regardless. It does...
  10. moneyman

    Seachem Test Kit

    Originally Posted by trish&dave Does anyone have any experience with Seachem "Reefstatus" Magnesium, Stronium, and Calcium test kits? I was getting ready to purchase and read some bad reviews, but I am not sure of the experience level of the reviewers. Wanted to check here for some...
  11. moneyman

    ph testing help

    Originally Posted by justilorah what is the difference between regular ph test and high range ph test? regular prob for fresh water ... pH around 7.0. high range is prob for saltwater ... pH around 8.3
  12. moneyman

    Best Gun in COD 4??

    Do you guys try to do the challenges for all the weapons/skills. There are some weapons that I would hate to play ... like the G3 & G36c.
  13. moneyman

    Iodine additive question

    Unless you know the chemistry & concentration of the household iodine, dont use it. Take the 'add lots of iodine' suggestion with care. Too much iodine will nuke your tank. Get a iodine test kit as a starter. Iodine is not expensive. You only need a few drops of cencentrated iodine...
  14. moneyman

    Unusual prank

    too funny!!! lmao
  15. moneyman

    what a joke!

    What gets me is why is charging for fuel. The only thing they might do is drive to the airport and pick up a few crate of goodies. SWF charge $10 cuz fedex charge them some fuel charge. So, you're not paying for free shipping. But, it's all marketing.... That said, $10+$10...
  16. moneyman

    Math Question

    Originally Posted by Crashbandicoot Its a security measure . It helps to foil bots . Keeps them from hacking accounts and such. Originally Posted by NYyankeees I don't really know the details of how it works but it is a security measure. Myspace does the same thing when you change your...
  17. moneyman

    Math Question

    Originally Posted by Clown Boy Hey, when you answer it, click OK, and then go to that page again, it's gone. Someone should try to answer it incorrectly... But, dont blame me if you get ban :)
  18. moneyman

    Math Question

    I was changing my profile and it had a 'Math Question' box right below the 'My Location' box. I think it was '9+5'. I don't see the question anymore thinking I must have seen things. What's that all about? Did anyone get that? Is it standard VB question? Some sort of mental acuity test.
  19. moneyman

    ****Salt mix info I found****

    This is a great post. Originally Posted by bonita69 THINGS THEY DON'T TELL YOU: You don't need dechlorinators when using salt mixes. (You shouldn't use tap water anyway and RO and/or DI water has already removed any chlorine.) A very small amount of sodium thiosulfate is in the mix which...
  20. moneyman

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    I am thinking of jumping ship on IO/Reef Crystal also. Their boron level is too high masking the carbonate alkalinity usable by coral.