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  1. hhands361

    Just saw Nemo

    Saw the movie on friday and it was really good. The animation was amazing and they did a great job with the comical voices for the fish. My favorite character had to be Jacques the Cleaner Shrimp! Great movie.
  2. hhands361

    cool suprise

    Jeez thanks for the help guys
  3. hhands361

    cool suprise

    bump ^
  4. hhands361

    Hardiest anemones? Least aggressive?

    Super intense Light I don't think is always necerssary for an anemone. I have a 50 gal with 200 watts of pc lighting. I have had my anemone (LTA) for like 7-8 months and trust me, its THRIVING. It has like quadruplued in size, eats well, and looks great and always has. But SPsfreak and Azonic...
  5. hhands361

    purple tangs

    Discusking, in a larger tank this would work. A lot of people think that a 42 gallon aquarium is too small for a purple tang, and I might have to agree. Even though I have a yellow tang in a 50, 42 just is too small.
  6. hhands361

    cool suprise

    like i know some are dangerous so is he?
  7. hhands361

    cool suprise

    Today I was working in the basement on a table next to my fishtank at about 9 o clock. The lights in the tank had just gone on about a little less than an hour ago. While i was looking in, i saw a nudibranch on the back of the glass munching on some coarline on the glass! He was pink and on his...
  8. hhands361

    star polyp wont come out of hiding

    It should be okay cope. Polyps usually take a while to get to know their new surroundings and will take afew few days before showing themsleves. Mine did this when I bougth them.
  9. hhands361

    Please Help...anenome Stuck In Ph

    Are you guys discouraging keeping anemones in tanks???
  10. hhands361

    Pics/new addition

    Also, not all hermits are nasty. Really the only nasty kind is that. There are many hermits like blue-legs that are extremely popular for th reefer because they are purchased in such quantites becuae they are small. They are very benefital and reef safe and are the way to go.
  11. hhands361

    Pics/new addition

    phew i was convinved that was a starfish! haha. About those crabs. The same thing happened to me. I just warning you i had many a creature dissapear into the greedy bast%#rd's stomach. They grow, fast. Just trying to help.
  12. hhands361

    Pics/new addition

    What kind of tank are you planning? Because if you want to get any forms of inveribrates (corals, shrimp, etc) that large hermit crab will simply eat it. They are very agressive and destuctive. Also, what is that hermit eating? Is that a starfish???
  13. hhands361

    Pics/new addition

    Good for you! Good luck:cool:
  14. hhands361

    I'm not scared...

    StacyT, nice tank, but overload on diatoms and cyano. Might wanna try and fix that....
  15. hhands361

    Where did he go?

    I meant to say today its now completely in the back of the tanknow
  16. hhands361

    Where did he go?

    I dont think that it is dieing. It is actually extremely healthy. Today its not completely in the back of the tank, but fine. Haha its so stupid why would he want to move there. I hope hes splitting...:p
  17. hhands361

    OT: DSL vs Cable Modem??

    I have heard from many experienced computer people that cable is much better. I use cable and have never had a problem.
  18. hhands361

    Where did he go?

    My anemone for the last two months has been basically out in the open where he was fed. His whole body was visible. All of a sudden today, i look and he has RETREATED into a hole between the live rock so now you can only see like 15 tenticles. Why is he like running away haha? I checked the back...
  19. hhands361

    My new 150g

    cool wats taht tank gonna be, reef, fish only, or fowlr? wat are those plates in the first pic?
  20. hhands361

    Strange Green Chromis

    ye i had domino damsels that shortly hosted a condi