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  1. anthony17

    red/orange bubble algae??

    ive seen pictures of red valonia and it doesnt look just like it, because some of the bubbles are orange, theyre not completely round they seem to be some what flat on top? most of them are both red and orange and sum are a tan color
  2. anthony17

    red/orange bubble algae??

    i cant get a good picture of this stuff but its red and orange bubbles, they look just like green bubble algae but are red and orange in color. anyone have any idea what this is and the best way to get rid of it? its only on the right side of my tank.
  3. anthony17

    Foundation rock question

    im not for sure how long it fully takes to become lr but, yes it will become lr over time, as long as it is the same kind of rock as lr(rock with alot of openings for hitchhikers from your actualy lr can get in to the base rock and overtime bacteria and coraline with take it on. hope this helps...
  4. anthony17

    Am I Ready?

    seriously man just be patient, it really will reward you in the future, when i started my first sw tank i rushed into things thinking i was ready to create a beautiful fish tank. after just a few months a gave up, i realized i had made a mistake and rushed into this,i kept my tank running so...
  5. anthony17

    Have you tried blu frog?

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  6. anthony17

    what is your favorite goby?

    check out a catalina goby theyre very nice looking
  7. anthony17

    my first saltwater

    do all the research you possibly can before you start buying a lot of stuff the more you know the more successful you will be and patients is the key to becoming successful in this hobby good luck and enjoy the hobby
  8. anthony17

    My new 55 gallon reef tank

    that was well said trouble93
  9. anthony17

    best test kits?

    i know salifert test kits are very accurate but i have trouble reading them. i just need some opinions one some quick and easy test kits for nitrites, nitrates, and ph that are pretty accurate
  10. anthony17

    starting up a 20gal, i need sum advice

    im asking for your opinion do you think i should get and overflow box? i know i dont need a sump but i would like to have a place for the heater and protien skimmer to go and it adds more water volume is there a overflow box that is small enough and has a low gph rate for this use? and if not...
  11. anthony17

    starting up a 20gal, i need sum advice

    i dont want to do a HOB im wanting to get like a 10gallon tank to use as a sump im not gunna do a fuge im just gunnna use the 10 gallon to put the heater and protien skimmer in and to add a little bit more water volume can i use like a maxi jet power head to pump water from my DT to the sump?
  12. anthony17

    starting up a 20gal, i need sum advice

    im gunna have alot of corals in it, i thought if you had corals you had to have a protien skimmer because of the junk corals produce, im not for sure but i thought a protien skimmer was a must if you have corals
  13. anthony17

    starting up a 20gal, i need sum advice

    hey, i have a 55gal with a 30gal sump/fuge and its been up and running successfully for 3 years. so i think i know the basics of getting a fish tank started and keeping it healthy. i just realized the other day i have a 20gal long fish tank out in the garage and was thinking about putting it in...
  14. anthony17

    best way to clean "dead" LR?

    thats crazy ive never heard of anyone doing that before
  15. anthony17


    looks good just take it slow and dont rush things, i like your rock work, cant wait to see it when you get your fish, and yea that sound like a good clean up crew i dont think it would hurt to get maybe a few snails
  16. anthony17

    Goby ??'s, good or bad for sand

    i have a 55 gallon tank i only have two perc clowns a ywg and a fridmani dottyback, i think it might be better to get the clown fish first then the goby not for sure tho, check into it and make sure you research everything before you buy anything
  17. anthony17

    best way to clean "dead" LR?

    a fresh water bath would pretty much kill everything on it if thats what your meaning
  18. anthony17

    Goby ??'s, good or bad for sand

    yea i love him ive had him close to 3 years, ill go days without seeing him sometimes and he likes to nip at my clown fish if they get to close its funny he wouldnt hurt any other fish but he likes to act like a bully
  19. anthony17

    Goby ??'s, good or bad for sand

    i would think it would be good i have a yellow watchman goby and a sand bed that is about an inch deep, gobies like to dig in the sand so i think you would really enjoy having a goby in your tank. you have any pics to post of your tank?
  20. anthony17

    acclimation question

    acclimate them just like you would anything else, put the bag theyre in in your tank to temp acclimate them then drip acclimate them for probably just around 30 minutes and i think that should be fine.