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  1. goldmar00n

    shrooms falling off rock

    i bought a rock with about 4 green shrooms on large and the others where kinda small..ive had them in my tank for about a month now...and today all the little ones where gone...i move the peice of rock and they where lying in on the sand behing the rock and they started foating...the big...
  2. goldmar00n


    can somebody please explain to me what these are...and where i can get them at...any info on silversides would be great:confused:
  3. goldmar00n

    xenia not pumping

    i bought a pumping xenia frag about a month looks nice and healthy..but the little hand things arent pumping at all...they never there something wrong?... what should i do?:notsure:
  4. goldmar00n

    new addition

    just turn off all the water flow and leave the lights on all the time :D
  5. goldmar00n

    glass or acrylic?

    yes it is all on personal reference... i personally like the way glass looks better...but you just have to be real careful when adding live rock..make sure you dont hit the glass with it..the last thing you want is the tank to crack..its nasty
  6. goldmar00n

    End of Cycle Algea question

    yea i remember when my tank was at the end of cycling i had the brown algae everywhere...dont worry to will go away..mine was gone in about 2 weeks... the green hair algae is the stuff you dont want..that stuff grows like mad.
  7. goldmar00n

    fox face

    thanx guys... he is still hiding behind my rock..all i see is his face every once in a while.. how long do you think it will take for him to come out of hiding?
  8. goldmar00n

    fox face

    ha dang that sucks.. in about a year anyone interested in a fox face?..
  9. goldmar00n

    fox face

    how big of a tank does it tank is 48'' long.. and where would i get those sheets from?...sorry im a newB..
  10. goldmar00n

    fox face

    i just bought a baby fox face today for $5 from my friend at the lfs.. my question is what should i feed this guy...and how can i give this guy a good home.. any info would be great. thanx in advance for any help. :confused:
  11. goldmar00n

    metal halide

    how many watts do you think would be good for my tank..and one or two bulbs? totally retarded about mh lighting
  12. goldmar00n

    metal halide

    ok i have a 50g with 260w pc lighting....this isnt enough lighting for me... i was interested in getting metal halide lighting but i dont know anything about them at all... can someone tell me how much and what kind i should get for my tank... and about how much it would cost... please... thank...
  13. goldmar00n

    yeup, i need help.

    thank you SquishyFish for your help... i tried to pull off as much as i can...but some of the rock is still covered with it..i cant pull it off by hand its just short you think it is worth pulling some rock out and scrubbing it?...or do you think it will just die over time? :notsure:
  14. goldmar00n

    yeup, i need help.

    thanx alot guys...that is really that was a awsome article
  15. goldmar00n

    yeup, i need help.

    can one of you experts out there explain how/why hair algae pops up in your tank. i have real bad hair algae that covers my rock and the back of my tank..its so ugly..everytime i clean just comes back after 2 days...i started my tank using tap water...(which i know now isnt to...
  16. goldmar00n

    what happends

    what happends when a condi anemone dies?.. i just got home from work and my condi's foot is like bubbled up and half of the tenticals are like completly shrivled up and dead looking.. -last night it moved on the back side of the rock it was on, out of the light...and now it is on the front...
  17. goldmar00n


    YEUP yup+yep= YEUP!
  18. goldmar00n

    NICE reef!!!

    me too
  19. goldmar00n


    sometimes :rolleyes:
  20. goldmar00n

    mantis shrimp

    Originally posted by SquishyFish If fiji rock is avaliable in the states, I would think you could get Florida rock in AZ for some reason i find that really funny.LOL