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  1. fisherson

    Looking for aquarium to see

    Hello i'm from Mass and wondering if anyone knows of any really nice aquriums i could visit not including the New England Aquarium. I'd like to see some really nice reefs.
  2. fisherson

    Emerald crab death! was it pregnant?

    hmm interesting i wish i could have seen it hatch or lay the eggs. I wonder why it suddenly died...
  3. fisherson

    Emerald crab death! was it pregnant?

    Hello I had 2 emerald crabs. 1 is alive still but the other was just found dead on it's back with it's stomach open and full of little orange balls. Has anyone seen this before or know what it could be? Do these crabs even breed in captivity. :notsure:
  4. fisherson

    Octopus sold on this site

    Anyone have any information on them as in what kind they are haha. I am interested in having one but don't know where to start looking for info on keeping them. Anyone have any pointers on keeping an octopus?
  5. fisherson

    Brown Sand

    if it's cycled get a cleaning crew. Once i got about 20 snails in my 55 gallon my diatoms started dissapearing real fast. I also stopped using tap water. Using tap water is the main cause of diatoms so i hear. once i stopped using it, it stopped appearing and the cleaning crew ate what was there.
  6. fisherson

    Moving a tank across town, any tips?

    i've done what he just said 2 times with my 55 gallon. and had no bad cycle either time. Just try to keep the rock exposure to air as minimal as possible.
  7. fisherson

    Which one?

    the bigger the better if you can fit and afford it
  8. fisherson

    What killed my chaeto in fuge?

    i hear cheato needs alot of light and pretty high flow to be well as nitrates.
  9. fisherson

    how do i get the salt off my halide lamps?

    it is on the bulb and thanks for the info. i didn't want to do something wrong and hurt my fish. Thanks again
  10. fisherson

    how do i get the salt off my halide lamps?

    Hello i'm cleaning up the tank real good today but want to get the salt creep off my MH lamps. I know there's UV protection coating of some sort on there and don't want to disturb it. Anyone know how to get the salt off?
  11. fisherson

    little flatwormish critter on glass

    Hello i seem to have lots of what almost seem like flatworms but i don't think they are on my glass. I DO have flatworms but these are alot smaller and seem to collect in the algea growing on my glass. anyone know what i might have.
  12. fisherson

    baby astreas!!

    I got some cheato about 5 months ago and got the same snails. I don't think there baby nas or astrea snails i'm going go look back and find out what they really are. It seems there night critters cause in the morning i see 50 and they all run and hide in the cheato and rockwoork as soon as my...
  13. fisherson

    1 fish or 5 months how do i add the second?

    it was labled pink anthia i've tried to figure out what kind it really is. It has a pinkish orange line bordering the back of it's tail and a pinkish coloring. basic pink anthias
  14. fisherson

    1 fish or 5 months how do i add the second?

    Hello i have a 55 gallon reef. The tank is about 2 years old and all i have is one Anthia. I plan on adding another fish but am scared to because the anthia has been the sole owner of the entire tank for over 5 months. (other fish were traded in for inverts cause i like inverts better :) Does...
  15. fisherson

    Just got Macro for Fuge and have some Q's

    it will turn brown when it's dying
  16. fisherson

    red worms

    maybe a bristle worm? look them up and see if it matches your critter
  17. fisherson

    Just got Macro for Fuge and have some Q's

    i trim mine once a month or so whenever i look at the tank and go "WOW i need to trim!" that should be enough light for it to survive and it likes alot of flow as well.
  18. fisherson

    Wire Algae

    have you tried cutting it out?
  19. fisherson

    Question on the Mithrax Crab...

    my crab eats my cheato all the time. I think it's good though cause he's happy and he keeps it from getting out of control a little.
  20. fisherson

    Deflector for powerhead?

    i got one and love it. Will be getting another soon