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  1. fishaholic

    Check it out all DONE!!!!

    Im considering building one, but dont clearly understand how the flow goes through your setup. I was thinking about building one for a 25 gal if i dont get my nano dx 2. Can you help me? (maybe put some arrows on the photos you have posted. )I understand that the water goes over the baffles...
  2. fishaholic

    Dx 24 the way to go or what?

    I have been looking at this tank and thinking about scratching my idea to build up my tank that i currently have (not set up or anything). It looks like this tank is fairly easy to get going with for the price. Any recomendations on the return pump as far as what to replace it with? Is it...
  3. fishaholic

    Help me build

    Hey i am slowly getting into the hobby and want to start with a nano 20 gal. 20 gal is what i have already + i cant really afford a big tank until i get out of school. I am going to school for radiology and want to start working a setup slowly. I really dont care how fast it comes together...
  4. fishaholic

    ID This Dog

    I saw a stray one here in Houston. It didnt have tags or anything. I was working at the time.
  5. fishaholic

    I hate identity theft

    Are you sure that some retail store didnt sign you up for that crap when you made a puchase. If it is a debit card how did they charge it like a credit card? I had SI come to my house and charged my account for 40 bucks without my approval. I was pissed. Also be careful of key logging programs...
  6. fishaholic

    I stopped, have you ?

    Originally posted by fishzen I stopped watching my fish tank, got out, and voted. Lets show the world what democracy is all about. :D I just hope we floridians don't mess up again this time. UPPP 4 years from now. LOL J/J
  7. fishaholic


    Battlefield 2 in 05 will dominate the online playing world. Battlefield veitnam rocks right now.
  8. fishaholic


    Im happy, for sure. There is corruption on both sides of the fence. But god im glad kerry didnt win. He can just stick to his sugarmama. This picture says it all
  9. fishaholic

    Protein Skimmer not working!

    Whats a premium brand skimmer for a 75 gal? Since we are talking about skimmers.
  10. fishaholic

    Wet/dry filter

    Anybody know a good place to get a wet-dry filter for a 75 gal reef? Any good Brands recommended? Thanks in advance.
  11. fishaholic

    sheet music

    Originally posted by fishy411 Anyone know any free music sites that have new songs instead of classical or traditional. The site i listed above. I have to say nas that the power tab editor is an awesome learning tool. I play mainly lead guitar and a lot of lead in songs are left out in tab...
  12. fishaholic

    Help me get my manda back!

    Read a lot of this post , and it seems this girl has figured you out. She might come on like she loves you , but she is too young to be tied down+ does not for cheating. She is hurting you by cheating , and your taking the beating bro. She sees that sappy attitude, your really gonna have to...
  13. fishaholic

    sheet music

    I go here for my tabs.