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  1. angelsrock

    Any idea on what this is? Came on a new rock

    Originally Posted by fogger Here is a better picture looks like a curlycue to me, not aiptasia.
  2. angelsrock

    can you identify my fish!!!

    looks like a false lemon peel angel. this isn't a tang. make sure you have live rock for it to pick on.
  3. angelsrock

    Stocking Question

    Originally Posted by Robert Dri Angelsrock - Found this artical for your to read: The majority of Centropyge angels make for suitable to great aquarium specimens; however there are a few notable exceptions. In my opinion the Colin's, bicolor, multi-barred, Herald's, the (true) Lemonpeel...
  4. angelsrock

    Good Combo?

    Originally Posted by fishieness first off, you cannot put ANY madarin in your tank. they eat copepods, amphipods, isopods, ect. rarely will you ever find one that will eat prepared foods, and im talking less than 5% here. to be able to have enough copepods for a single one, you should have...
  5. angelsrock

    Help Live Sand Crushed Coral Mixture

    no problem
  6. angelsrock

    cleaner VS peppermint shrimp

    yeah that's more than enough, what about hiding places. do you have enough of those? crevices, overhangs, caves....
  7. angelsrock

    Help Live Sand Crushed Coral Mixture

    when i first started this hobby i did almost the same thing except i didn't add as much crushed coral as you did. in the end the crushed coral would always be on the top with hardly any sand there. which meant i had to gravel vac the crushed coral on the top. it's a huge pain because crushed...
  8. angelsrock

    Stocking Question

    are you sure you don't mean pearlscale butterfly fish because there isn't such a fish as a pearlscale angel except in freshwater? also either way you don't have a big enough tank for the bannerfish. they get huge.
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    just because you have one angel doesn't determine whether it is male or female, most angels are almost impossible to predict if they are male or female without testing their blood. and as far as predicting whether the other kinds of fish that you are listing, it depends on the kind you are...
  10. angelsrock

    cleaner VS peppermint shrimp

    how big is the tank because i have 4 cleaners and 1 peppermint and a few other kinds of shrimp without a problem
  11. angelsrock

    Feeding Tangs Lettuce

    Originally Posted by NEreef some will say that it is just as good. some will say that it isn't. it is true that there isn't any romaine in the ocean, but i don't know if there is much of a difference between romaine and nori. it would be interesting to see an actual nutritional breakdown of...
  12. angelsrock

    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish? REEF SAFE?

    i had a dwarf lion in with 4 cleaner shrimp, 1 fire, 1 peppermint, 1 coral banded, and like 7 camels without problems, but maybe it was just the one i had didn't bother with them.
  13. angelsrock

    Crab ID please

    Originally Posted by DEA Bad Lt It looks exactly like an emerald crab I bought from the LFS. Emeralds are harmless unless you have algae. lol it's not an emerald crab, but they are harmless
  14. angelsrock

    switching to live sand?

    when i upgraded to my big tank recently, i used my old sand, but i had to add about 40 pounds of brandnew live sand. i didn't notice a difference at all in my water parameters.
  15. angelsrock

    Last Resort...

    Originally Posted by kamaqazi21 I think im going to use copper for the ick i have on my fish. I am not willing to do hypo or Qt, i am going to use copper to treat the ick. I am also going to be running carbon. I have lost one fish already to ick; my favorite angel. So im doing this so i dont...
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    Originally Posted by yupi1982 Hi People i have a 125 G tank with about 20 corals and lots of live rock and i just saw my favorite fish for $100 in my local store a :scared: 7 inches EMPEROR ANGEL :happyfish what would you do?????? :notsure: PLEASE I NEED AN ADVICE FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I AM...
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    Flame angel and inverts...

    flames can be reef safe, but not all are. no angels are completely reef safe. they definitely won't hurt your motile inverts such as your crabs and shrimps. i wouldn't even worry about the leather, but there is always the possibility of getting the hungry hungry angel.
  18. angelsrock

    Best for what I need

    oh ok, there are lots of things you could get but queen conch and horseshoe crabs do the best job of that. sandsifting gobies are also an option except they move the sand all over which may disturb the formation of your liverock and make the sand look wierd with piles everywhere, but they are...
  19. angelsrock

    juvenile orange shoulder tang?

    it might be different on the conditions of the tank, because i have one that is 4 inches and he has already begun to change. he has the orange shoulder part and you can see the line where half the body starts to get dark grey. he's like a cream color with no yellow anymore.
  20. angelsrock

    Crab ID please

    Originally Posted by BlueAngelC Could someone help me ID this crab please? :notsure: I 've just found out that I have this hitchhiker! Thanks! i've got 4 or 5 of these crabs in my tank. they aren't dangerous, just good scavengers. they like to hide a lot except when i feed. i'll actually feed...