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  1. volitan100


    that shark was a black tip reef shark
  2. volitan100

    psp or ds

    I have a Nintendo DS and its getting boring. Is the psp any good? I know it could download songs and watch movie and play games that have great graphics, how long is the battery life for the psp?
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    Coral question

  4. volitan100

    What do you use for water changes?

    this sounds pretty lame....but it works. I go to the kitchen where the ro system is and take 5, 1gal milk cartons and fill it up.....:notsure: ......I'm weird
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    Liontamer, I did see that episode of south park last night, good episode
  6. volitan100

    might wanna start corals

    Well i think i might wanna place a few mushroom coral in my 55gal. Just a few.I have these lites that are florescent but they are the florescent lites for corals, know what i mean. Would i need a BIG skimmer? I got an sfe and a frogfish
  7. volitan100

    New Tank queshtion

    anglers/frogfish will do well in a 45-55gal
  8. volitan100

    Need some suggestions

    yeah, i think i'm getting a angler today! 1 hour drive to get it through
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    Need some suggestions

    I have a 55gal with a eel. I was planning on getting a anglerfish but none of the lfs store have them . So what are some other good fish i could put in my 55gal? I dont want a lionfish. I'm very bummed out right now.
  10. volitan100

    do snowflake eels have ick?

    eels hardly get ich, very very rare. They will reach for size in about 2-3 years
  11. volitan100

    Spotted Caribbean Stingray

    Originally posted by Volitan100 they get bigger, thats what i herd well i guess where i got that info it was wrong
  12. volitan100

    Best Gif Ever!

    Originally posted by NM reef ...and this one is my version of the "tang police"... thats pretty funny too
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    Best Gif Ever!

    Originally posted by bradttu And this is me when I get excited. :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious
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    angler,sargassum,zebra lion fish?

    sargassum fish are like anglers. All the sargaasum fish i have seen where small. Has long as the sargassum fish is bigger then your angler and lion then it will be fine. Has long has the angler and sargassum fish are bigger then the lion all will go well. HAVE AWESOME FILTERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. volitan100

    Spotted Caribbean Stingray

    they get bigger, thats what i herd
  16. volitan100

    muskyhunte,need to ask you something

    What kind of angler do you have? I think it was you who had the angler on here? Is it normal for anglers to lay on their sides? Andd was it easy for you to train the angler to eat frozen?
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    yeah , she is like a zombie. I say pull the plug
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    temp for agressive tank

    mines at 80 now
  19. volitan100

    Snowflake eels

    :yes: Like 2
  20. volitan100

    What the crap is this???

    could be cynobacteria. To get rid of it you shoud have water flow in your tank