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  1. jimi

    Why won't my tank cycle??

    Dwindles before you do that, have you checked your nitrites with another test kit? With all that live rock and sand you probably never will see a cycle that is the advantage of setting up a tank from the start with live rock, the nitrifying bacteria are already present on the rock and sand.If...
  2. jimi

    Is this the right Southdown

    Yes that is where it is kept at HD. I would advise one light rinse. You still get plenty of fine stuff. I filled a 5 gal bucket with r/o water, dump in some sand to raise the water almost to the top swish the sand around with my hand and dump off the water. It is a light rinse that leaves you...
  3. jimi

    What do you think of RIO pumps?

  4. jimi

    Live Rock

    I highly recommend <a href="" target="_blank"></a> live rock. Dale is the diver and he will ask you exactly what you want and gets it, I promise you will not be disappointed. After buy fiji and pacific rock for years from all over nothing compares or...
  5. jimi

    What is a DSB?

    Dont use crushed coral it is very good at trapping waste leading to high nitrates and other pollution problems.
  6. jimi

    Cut up Toadstool Leather ?

    Although I have never cut mine, from what I have read and the people I have talked to you can cut it anywhere,anyway, and any piece will grow a new stool.
  7. jimi

    To those who asked why she's not my wife........

    Congrats, I hope you have a lifetime of happiness! :D
  8. jimi

    Recent cleanup order from

    Dont worry about the tiny blue legs, they will be bigger in a short time after they eat you snails and red legs. I got a clean up crew from this site last July I knew of they blue legs reputation but hesitantly added them anyway. Now 8months later I think I have two red legs out of the 12 from...
  9. jimi

    Tap Water!!!

    The more water changes you do the faster the phosphates will go away if the source of the phosphates is your tap water.
  10. jimi

    will buy or trade unopened disney movies for equipment!

    What ones do you have? Can you list them?
  11. jimi

    The Purple (carnivore) Tang

    I have had my purple tang for a few years now and they are very hardy under the right conditions. Much more hardy then yellows but also three times the price. They thrive on green seaweed, mysis , brine, some meaty foods and other algae.
  12. jimi

    2 kinds of powder tangs together???

    Drew (acanthurus) is the GENUS that covers powder blues, browns, achilles. (Paracanththurus) is the hippo. (Zebrasoma) is the GENUS that covers yellow, purple,scopas, and sailfin. So like I said they are not the same genus.
  13. jimi

    Beth, Terry, help on hyposalinity

    A note about hydrometers. First a refractometer is about the most accurate means of measuring your sg. Using two brands of hydrometers does not guarantee in fact they will both probably be off. Hydrometers are not precise. The best thing to do is buy a refractometer or guage your hydrometer...
  14. jimi

    2 kinds of powder tangs together???

    Salty they are of the same group or family (Acanthurus).
  15. jimi

    2 kinds of powder tangs together???

    I would not put two powders in anything smaller then a 150. Definately not in your 90 if that is what you are talking about, its overcrowded now.
  16. jimi

    Beth, Terry, help on hyposalinity

    By the way make sure your hydrometer is accurate or use a refractometer for measuring your sg. It may be critical in the treatment. Because you need to reach 1.009 not any higher.
  17. jimi

    Beth, Terry, help on hyposalinity

    I am not who you asked but I do have first hand experience on using hypo on a variety of fish, not just what I have read. Over two days lower your sg down to 1.009 by removing water and replacing it with fresh but dont forget to adjust the ph accordingly because fresh water have a much lower ph...
  18. jimi

    Fit as a fiddle to Dead as a doornail in 24 hours flat

    Sounds more like velvet being it killed so fast and the labored breathing.
  19. jimi

    Add a Powder Blue to a resident Tang

    It should be ok to add one to a 200. Make sure you quarantine the powder for at least two weeks. In the mean time make sure the yellow has no signs of ich.
  20. jimi

    Sunburst Anthias

    By the way I see you are from Muncy, I bought mine from Ron's Saltwater Heaven in Williamsport, which is also where I would recommend you by them. Even though mine did not make it, I have too many agressive feeders. They do best in a peaceful reef setting.