75 gallon tank

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    All the Noodles (eels)

    So I have a 75 gallon tank that’s just under a year old; it has a one spot foxface in it, along with a snowflake eel and yellow headed/fimbriated eel. The eels actually don’t care about each other at all, they really only go near each other on feeding days, because one of them can smell the food...
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    Dwarf Angels?

    so im starting a new tank, and I wanted to do a Dwarf Zebra lion fish and a engineer goby, and I was wondering if I could have a dwarf angel or two? I have a 75g tank, and I was also curious if there's any type of coral I would be able to add along with it.
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    75 gallon stocking part 2

    I just got a yellow eyed joke a fo face and a sailfin today for my tank. As said before I have a six line three cardinals a flame angel a tiger goby a blood shrimp two mushrooms a torch and two small colonies of zoanthids. I'm wondering if a Corrine wrasse would be good or any other nice vibrant...
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    Stock suggestions for 75 gallon

    I'm wondering what i could stock my 75 gallon saltwater tank With right now I have a torch two small colonies of zoas two mushrooms a six line wrasse three bengai cardinals a flame angel a blood shrimp and a tiger goby. I'm interested in some nice looking flashy fish specifically suggestions on...
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    Snowflake Eel

    I was wondering if I could buy a snowflake eel and put it in my tank?My Tank is 75 gallons, with 10 pieces of Live rock weighing from 1lb to 3lbs, A fake coral and fake ship. The Fish I have are a Blue Tang, Blue damsel, Domino Damsel, Algae bunny, Clownfish and Striped Damsel. Could I keep a...