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    Eel aggression

    Hi, first time posting. I had a small-ish snowflake eel in a 75 gallon (her name is Rey) and today I got a yellow head eel who’s a bit bigger than Rey. Rey attempted to bite the newcomer right after he was introduced. Will she continue to attack him, or should they settle down after a while...
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    White tip reef shark(3) looking for homes

    3 beautiful healthy specimens looking for a home. Would have no idea how to ship, just looking for an honest, knowledgeable person to take them off my hands because I’m not a shark expert they have a hired caretaker and do to a recent move I will no longer be able to House them with bigger...
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    Dwarf Angel Aggression towards Naso Tang

    I just introduced (a few days ago) a 3in Naso Tang into my 125g aquarium. My half black angel (about 3in) is being very aggressive towards it. (Fin nipping and chasing). Could it be that they are very similar in colors and the Angel is just pissed about it? or could it just be a new fish thing...