1. Alex.M.

    Gone for a month, need help fixing tank!

    I was gone from my 40 gallon salt water tank for roughly a month due to personal reasons. It was kept at my parents house however they didn't do much besides add one cube of frozen food a day. All my animals are alive and acting well however (now that I am back), I've noticed a lot more...
  2. sparrowdetour

    Looking for and ID on what i thought was algae but has weird behavior

    I have reached out the reef-cleaners and he didnt know what it was. Asked around locally, no one knows. Notice the little white spots/nucleus within the red spaces. I have never seen something like this. What ever it is is tough as hell. Thought it was a standard red algae but noticed the...
  3. G

    Filthy algae is taking over my life.

    I began my tank with a 29 gallon salt water. Before I invested too much time and money, I wanted to see if I could manage salt water aquarium so I started out small. I have maintained perfect water perimeters, religiously change 15%-20% water changes every Tuesday with RO Primo water from...
  4. L

    Is this algae? Or a toxin permeating the water? Help!

    Hi, Im new to this forum. Im here because a year into running a saltwater aquarium without issues, a significant issue has arisen- cloudy green / white water. It has been this way for 3 weeks. At the bottom of the tank, the water is lime green, and fades into a cloudy white gradient as you get...
  5. B

    Help!! What is this?

    I have had a red algae slime looking substance in my tank for months now and can't seem to get rid of it. It covers my sand bottom and rocks. My Coral Beauty fish appears to eat some of it off the sides of the tank but my clean up crew doesn't seem to be eating any of it. I cut back on the time...