1. M


    2 days ago I checked my levels and the ammonia level was fine. Yesterday I bought 2 clowns, a wrasse, a royal gamma, pincushion urchin, and a cleaner shrimp. Today when I woke up the wrasse was dead and all the other fish were dying slowly. I checked the levels and my ammonia had spiked...
  2. C

    Ammonia Spike?

    I have a 40 gallon breeder saltwater fowlr tank. A couple days ago I saw an ammonia reading of around .18 after determining my fish acting strangely. I did a full water change immediately and the readings seem back to normal. My stocking is fairly small: 1 cleaner shrimp 1 snail (unknown kind...
  3. fishlover0815

    So confused with dry rocks

    hi, I'm new to this hobby and I don't have any fish yet, but I have some supplies. I'm going for a vacation and I will buy some dry rocks... I used to think I can just put it in... But I guess not, I have to cure it, here are my questions about curing prosess: 1. Do I need a specific salinity...