1. thefishguy27

    Protein Skimmer

    Hi all- I recently purchased a bio cube protein skimmer for my bio cube 32 tank. It did not come with any directions and I'm a little lost in how to set it up. Can anyone give me some direction? Thank you! Also anyone know anything about the filtration chambers and the best way to set them up...
  2. thefishguy27


    Hello all- I recently purchased a Biocube 32!! I am setting up the live rock and sand this weekend and was looking for suggestions for how to put it all together. Any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks all.
  3. thefishguy27

    New BioCube 32 Owner, Looking for Suggestions

    Hi All! My name is Mike and i am the proud new owner of a Biocube 32. This is my first salt water fish tank and i am extremely excited. Does anyone have a bio cube and have any suggestions for me? It is sitting on the stand but i am not sure of what my next steps should be. All comments are...
  4. N

    need opinions for new reef tank

    Hello, my Oceanic biocube 29 finally bit the bullet a few days ago. I am now in the market either for a new hood (lights) or a whole new system. I don't have much knowledge in what would be a good tank or not. Evidently the one I currently own is not so great with filtering.I am wanting to go as...
  5. PaigeB

    Question about Goby

    I have a Biocube 14 and I'm just starting to look at fish that could be a good fit for it. I like Gobies but I'm not sure which ones would be good for my tank and which ones I should try to avoid because of size or other reasons. I thought the engineer goby was really cool but I don't know if...
  6. PaigeB

    Replacing bulbs for Biocube 14

    The bulbs that I got with my used Biocube 14 are on the older side so I know that they should be replaced soon. I was looking on Amazon to find the ones that are in the tank now and it looks like they still sell the blue light: (...