blue tang

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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    i just got a blue hippo tang and he has been hiding since new years eve, anybody know whats happening? he wont eat nori or anything. i have heard that it takes them a while and its normal but i think it has been going on too long.
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    yellow and blue tang help

    i have a 55 gallon saltwater, and i have currently a clown and a BTA, it has 90 lbs of live rock and 800gph filtration with a 7 gallon refugium. i was planning on temporarily getting a hippo blue tang and a yellow tang. do you know what order i should add them to the tank?
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    Blue Tang Advice

    Is it normal for Blue Tang's to have a faded look on the black part? We just got our first Blue Tang & when I got it home & under our tank light I noticed it. It has no white spots so I don't think it ick. It just looks faded. Any ideas?
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    Blue Tang + what is this?

    We bought a Blue Tang today & when I got it home & under our tank light I noticed part of his black part in its back looks lighter almost faded. First time with a Blue Tang & don't know if this is normal or a sign it's sick. I have it in quanitine to be safe. I see no white spots so I don't...