1. S

    Need Help With Fish Compatibility

    I have been in the hobby for six months. I have a 220 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank. Currently I have 1) Purple Tang 2) Blue Throat Trigger 3) Crosshatch Trigger 4) Convict Tang 5) Powder Tang 6) Diamond Goby 7) Three Clowns 8) Yellow Eye Tang 9) A bunch of snails, Clam, Spiny Sea Urchin...
  2. H

    Eel tank mates

    so I’ve got a snowflake eel and a yellow headed/fimbriated eel, and I was wondering what (if anything) I could put with them in a 75 fowlr tank? I’ve already got a small convict tang in a smaller tank that I’m gonna move to the 75 when it’s no longer bite sized. Thanks :):)
  3. E

    Niger trigger in a nano

    Now i hardly use forums as i have trust in my LFS for quality advice along with reading aricles. Neither have failed me yet, untill i heared something so absurd that it made me question. Now from what im aware, captive bred niger triggers need about 400 litres to thrive in and on average get to...
  4. Lukamoose

    Fish Stocking Plan 125G FOWLR

    Hi, I've had a 125 gallon for a few years now and just a few months ago got everything back up and running. The tank has cycled and I currently have 2 ocelleris clowns (about 2" and 1.5") and an emperor Angel (3"). What are some other fish that I could add to the tank? I plan on getting blue leg...