1. A


    Calling all Reefers to an all new coral, fish and reptile show right here in Southern California. Located in front of LAX airport, at The Lax Airport Marriott Hotel ballrooms. We have amazing prizes and tons of vendors and free gifts as well. Drinks and music as well, we will have thoisands of...
  2. Dylan7huskies

    How long until adding corals?

    Hi I have a 20 gallon innovative marine fusion and was wondering how long before you can add corals to the tank? thank you!
  3. fishlover0815


    I am really scared of worms... Is it fine for my clowns to stay in a tank with nothing but the dry rock? If I want corals where can I get them that will be more clean? Like maybe pet smart is bad and j&l aqutics is better? I really want to have a pretty tank but pests are just...bad... I know...