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    All the Noodles (eels)

    So I have a 75 gallon tank that’s just under a year old; it has a one spot foxface in it, along with a snowflake eel and yellow headed/fimbriated eel. The eels actually don’t care about each other at all, they really only go near each other on feeding days, because one of them can smell the food...
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    Eel tank mates

    so I’ve got a snowflake eel and a yellow headed/fimbriated eel, and I was wondering what (if anything) I could put with them in a 75 fowlr tank? I’ve already got a small convict tang in a smaller tank that I’m gonna move to the 75 when it’s no longer bite sized. Thanks :):)
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    Eel aggression

    Hi, first time posting. I had a small-ish snowflake eel in a 75 gallon (her name is Rey) and today I got a yellow head eel who’s a bit bigger than Rey. Rey attempted to bite the newcomer right after he was introduced. Will she continue to attack him, or should they settle down after a while...
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    Brackish eel tank

    im planning on getting a "freshwater" eel. They advertise as snowflakes but it isnt really a snowflake. I know they are technically salt fish but live in "salty freshwater" or brakish as its known. Any tips on set up? Do i want to use freah water and add salt every few days? Thats what the pet...