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    16 cubes a day

    i have a 100g tank with: 2 clowns 1 worldly wrasse 2 yellow wrasse 2 foxface 2 royal gramma 1 sleeper goby 1 diamond goby 1 powder blue tang 1 purple tang, lot of snails lot of hermit crabs 5 cleaner shrimp 1 copperband (soon-- in qt and eating :) ) i feed the tank 2 times a day and in the...
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    I fed my fish banana... and they loved it?

    So dumb. I was walking past my fish tank, bit drunk, banana in my hand, and it was time to feed my fish. I pinched off a piece and mushed it in my fingers in the tank. I have a Couple clowns, a sailfin tang, a hippo tang, midas blenny, a mandarin goby, a few fire fish, and a sleeper goby. EACH...