1. J

    Help Needed!

    So I am fairly new to saltwater aquarium. Some information about my setup before questions sorry it’s alittle lengthy. I received a 36 gallon bowfront with rock unknown pounds but four pieces and several snails/crabs last summer from a friend that only had from online purchase for 6 weeks...
  2. J

    Macroalgae/Planted Marine Tank w/ Foxface

    Hi! I have a YOUNG onespot Foxface in my FOWLR tank that's been up and running for about a year. I'm considering adding macroalgae or making this a planted tank. However, with the way my Foxface eats, I'm worried that they'll eat everything I put in before it has a chance to grow and be abundant...
  3. I

    Setting up my JBJ 28 Biocube!

    I take care of saltwater tanks for a pet store , and know the basics. Just wondering what I need for my 28 gallon FOWLR tank? So far I know I need Tank -check Heater (not sure on wattage) Instant ocean-check Live sand -check Live rock (not sure on how many lbs) Powerhead (thinking maybe a...
  4. Lukamoose

    Fish Stocking Plan 125G FOWLR

    Hi, I've had a 125 gallon for a few years now and just a few months ago got everything back up and running. The tank has cycled and I currently have 2 ocelleris clowns (about 2" and 1.5") and an emperor Angel (3"). What are some other fish that I could add to the tank? I plan on getting blue leg...
  5. R

    Adding to a 65 fowlr

    Hi, Im just looking for some suggestions on what to add to my 65 fowlr. Right now i have a 2" tomini tang, a 2" falcos hawkfish, a 1.5" picasso trigger, and a 2.5" dragon wrasse. Only looking to add 1 maybe 2 fish.