fresh to salt

  1. SOFxMafia

    Jumping back in after 1 1/2 years away- Need some advice!

    I have been out of the hobby for 1 1/2 years now and want to dive back into it but want to do a Marine tank for the 1st time. I have a ton of experience with Freshwater fish spanning from simple fish such as Guppies to my personal favorite Discus fish and Gold nugget plecos. This time around I...
  2. A

    150 gallon salt can it be done?

    hello guys, I'm swapping my 150 from a fresh to salt. I want fish, corrals, and plants, and just anything else that is salt. Can I put all of this in a tank and make it work??? Fish don't know what yet, some schooling and several others maybe total of 20 fish. And lots of living rock and corrals...