1. H

    5.5 gallon

    So I have an empty 5.5 gallon tank that I upgraded my betta out of, I was wondering if I could put a couple inverts and a clown goby in it?
  2. PaigeB

    Question about Goby

    I have a Biocube 14 and I'm just starting to look at fish that could be a good fit for it. I like Gobies but I'm not sure which ones would be good for my tank and which ones I should try to avoid because of size or other reasons. I thought the engineer goby was really cool but I don't know if...
  3. A

    Can a Hawkfish and Goby+Pistol Shrimp live together?

    Hello. My reef tank has began cycling and I'm researching which fish can live together (Out of a list of reef-compatible fish that i mentioned on another thread.) Recently, I came across many colorful hawkfish and I'd like to own one. However, I hear that they can live in a reef tank, but with...
  4. L

    Dwarf Angels?

    so im starting a new tank, and I wanted to do a Dwarf Zebra lion fish and a engineer goby, and I was wondering if I could have a dwarf angel or two? I have a 75g tank, and I was also curious if there's any type of coral I would be able to add along with it.
  5. T

    Just watched our Diamond Goby dive into the sand... why???

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new here and as soon as this happened, I had to google it but I can't find anything on it! LOL My son and I were watching our diamond goby build a ramp like structure with the crushed coral substrate after he had just made a huge hole there yesterday of course lol. So...