1. sparrowdetour

    Looking for and ID on what i thought was algae but has weird behavior

    I have reached out the reef-cleaners and he didnt know what it was. Asked around locally, no one knows. Notice the little white spots/nucleus within the red spaces. I have never seen something like this. What ever it is is tough as hell. Thought it was a standard red algae but noticed the...
  2. KeishFaneish84

    Hey Guys Please Help Identify! (Vid Included)

    Hello! So. My tank has been established for a little over 3 months now and for the last week I've noticed this dang worm thingy. I can't see it when the lights are off, but once the day time lights come on I notice something moves quickly then hides. After a while I see it peek it's "head" out...
  3. K

    live rock hitch hiker

    I've had this tank set up for about 2 months now and i'm finding these on my live rock can any one help identify what they are.