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    Calling all Reefers to an all new coral, fish and reptile show right here in Southern California. Located in front of LAX airport, at The Lax Airport Marriott Hotel ballrooms. We have amazing prizes and tons of vendors and free gifts as well. Drinks and music as well, we will have thoisands of...
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    5.5 gallon

    So I have an empty 5.5 gallon tank that I upgraded my betta out of, I was wondering if I could put a couple inverts and a clown goby in it?
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    Puck the Sea Urchin

    Puck the Sea Urchin has a very funny story. He was left over from a reproduction lab (note: the urchins WERE NOT HARMED in any way, we were simply discussing their reproduction habits). Anyway, my lab instructor didn't have any use for them afterwards, so she let me take home the one I had taken...