1. R

    Finnex T5 H/O 4x54watt with LED "moon lighting". Anyone remember how much this was, new?

    Hey all! Regrettably, I've decided to finally sell my most cherished possession: my custom-wired Finnex T5 High Output lighting hood for my "future aquarium". I'll be moving to a tiny apartment and won't have room to store it, and considering it's been 10 years since I bought it and only used it...
  2. kcm4

    Long Tentacle Anemone LED Lighting

    I purchased a long tentacle anemone for my 55 gal community tank (probably expanding to at least a 75 at some point) and was wondering what people's favorite LED lighting was and if mine was enough. I have a Beamswork DA 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium Light 48" from Amazon (link is...
  3. PaigeB

    Replacing bulbs for Biocube 14

    The bulbs that I got with my used Biocube 14 are on the older side so I know that they should be replaced soon. I was looking on Amazon to find the ones that are in the tank now and it looks like they still sell the blue light: (...
  4. Salt Lifer

    Best lighting for FOWLR

    I have had a 72gal (48") bow front FOWLR for about 4 years. Have been using the same fluorescent light that came with it. I don't have any big plans to add corals but have been considering getting an LED light to reduce algae growth and also like the "moonlight" feature. I have been looking at...