1. Tom the Bomb

    Lionfish compatibility and feeding?

    I'm setting up a Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 (200-gallons) and I'm planning to put a clearfin lionfish as the main fish. I was originally thinking of Niger triggerfish since they were the least aggressive of the triggerfish but after browsing through some forums, they often said that...
  2. T

    Triggerfish Vs. Lionfish.. PLEASE HELP!

    Hello!!! I have had my 75 gallon tank up for about 6 months :).. I have a huma trigger, undulated, and clown trigged for a few months doing great! I recently added in a lionfish for about 1.5 months (he is doing great and beautiful!).. I got a pineapple triggerfish he is very small compared...
  3. T

    Aggressive tank advice

    I’m considering putting a pair of fuzzy dwarf lionfish into my 75gallon tank. The only thing in it at the moment is a small snowflake moray. Would this work, if not, is there anything better to put in? Thanks.
  4. Z

    Dwarf lion upside down on bottom

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this post is the wrong place as I just started using this forum in a hurry. I bought a dwarf lion fish about 4-5 days ago, he was lively and hunted his ghost shrimp and was doing fine. Yesterday, he started swimming upside down on the bottom. He literally looks...
  5. L

    Dwarf Angels?

    so im starting a new tank, and I wanted to do a Dwarf Zebra lion fish and a engineer goby, and I was wondering if I could have a dwarf angel or two? I have a 75g tank, and I was also curious if there's any type of coral I would be able to add along with it.
  6. Lionfish1834

    Lionfish scrape.

    I have a question and I'm panicking. I have my Lionfish, and I guess I spooked her, and she darted behind a rock. I looked down and seen her on her side with a bit of sand on her face. And I immediately pulled the rock up to release her and she was free. She swam fine but went to another corner...