live rock

  1. A


    Calling all Reefers to an all new coral, fish and reptile show right here in Southern California. Located in front of LAX airport, at The Lax Airport Marriott Hotel ballrooms. We have amazing prizes and tons of vendors and free gifts as well. Drinks and music as well, we will have thoisands of...
  2. Dylan7huskies

    New tank questions

    Hi I have a 20 gallon innovative marine fusion and was wondering... How long before the dry rocks turn to live? How long before adding a second fish? How long before adding corals? How long before the first water change? How long before adding a protein skimmer? Thanks!
  3. F

    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    I'm 17 and starting my first Saltwater tank. I've had goldfish and tropical tanks before. Now I'm trying something different! I have a 55 gal and need help with a couple questions. What fish are compatible? Anyone have a list of fish that would work well and how many? I'm interested in having...
  4. GavinAutomata

    Weird Centipede looking thing, ID?

    Before i say anything else, this isn't a bristleworm or anything i've EVER seen before. It's a decently large centipede looking creature that I kind of think is an isopod of sorts? It moves very strange, almost like a shrimp swimming, and didn't appear to be hostile but was apparently hungry...
  5. Tsling07

    Revitalizing live rock

    I have a question about revitalizing my live rock instead of buying all new since it's so expensive. All of mine died when I shut down my aquarium when it crashed a few years ago and I would like to revitalize it. I bought 20 lbs of Life Rock and two bottles of coralline algae and I'm seeing a...
  6. Allen4k4

    Hammer Coral Wont Stay In Place

    I bought and orange hammer coral yesterday and placed it in the tank where it can get moderate flow and moderate light, basically mid level in the tank on a piece of live rock. I came down this morning and it had fallen. What is the best way to secure coral so that it does not fall from its...
  7. Fernando Parra

    Live rocks with aiptasia - New tank being set up!

    Hello everyone, I need an advice about live rocks! I have some live rocks with aiptasias in my current tank and I would like to transfer all the rocks to my new bigger tank but I wouldn't like these pests in my new tank. What do you guys suggest I do? Is there any chance to eliminate this...
  8. J

    Need help with a 45 gallon reef set up

    I'm currently setting up a 45 gallon corner stand reef. Got the live sand and salt, my question is what size powerheads do I need, should I use two or three with it being a taller tank? If I remember correctly u need 20-30x the gph of the size of your tank. I had a reef tank about 20 years ago...
  9. fishlover0815

    So confused with dry rocks

    hi, I'm new to this hobby and I don't have any fish yet, but I have some supplies. I'm going for a vacation and I will buy some dry rocks... I used to think I can just put it in... But I guess not, I have to cure it, here are my questions about curing prosess: 1. Do I need a specific salinity...