mandarin goby

  1. L

    where to buy cheap copepods

    where should i get cheap copepods? also when planning to buy a mandarin goby how long should you wait between adding copepods and the fish?
  2. B

    New Mandarin Goby

    I purchased a new mandarin today, less than 20 minutes after getting him home (still acclimating) he turned upside down. Decided to put him in the tank thinking it was a lack of oxygen. He turned back over, gills and mouth moving but sitting still. He got spooked by the other fish and swam to...
  3. sptfyre51

    Refugium and Copepods

    I am setting up my sump and forgot to take into account the thickness of the glass when measuring for the first chamber. I do not have enough room to put my protein skimmer in the first chamber. One of the main reasons I want a refugium is to cultivate copepods as I would like a mandarin...