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    Are my Clownfish Pairing or fighting?

    I recently bought a Wyoming White Clown and what seems to be a Black Ocellaris. The Black is about 1” and the Wyoming white is maybe 2”-3”, the white is much larger and keeps on attacking the little black clown. So my guess is that the white is trying to dominate for pairing. I’m not sure if...
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    New Mandarin Goby

    I purchased a new mandarin today, less than 20 minutes after getting him home (still acclimating) he turned upside down. Decided to put him in the tank thinking it was a lack of oxygen. He turned back over, gills and mouth moving but sitting still. He got spooked by the other fish and swam to...
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    long nose hawk breathing heavily

    I have a 40g fish only tank that's been set up for about a year and a half. I've had a timor wrasse for about a month and just got a long nose hawk yesterday. I did drip acclimation for about 30-40 minutes and he seemed to be fine all day yesterday. He was fine swimming around this morning, and...