new setup

  1. Org.Chem.Dan

    First marine tank planning. Help.

    Hello my name is Daniel and I've been in the aquarium hobby for 15 years. I've only done freshwater to this point and I want to dive into the deep end of the pool. The tank I am using. I have a marineland 38gal curved. I will be using and setting up a refugium in the stand. Thinking of using...
  2. A

    Which Fish and How many can I keep in a 55 gallon reef tank?

    Hello there, I have recently purchased a 55 gallon aquarium (curved with a tight-fitting lid) and live rock which will all be set up soon. I have already planned out which fish I would like in the aquarium. Of course I wanted a tang/surgeonfish just like many others but then after realizing how...
  3. Jack and casey

    2nd tank for clown breeder setup

    Saltwater aquariums have become our hobby and love as a family. week ago we setup our beginnings of a ten gallon tank to become our coral and clownfish tank, we are taking the process slow so everything is perfect, lord knows not to jump to fast(we have already learned this through our 55...