1. E

    Need some help about puffer fish

    Hi guys im really new to the puffer fish hobby and really need some advice. I really want to have a few different species of puffer fish in one tank. Like say 5 different species in a 1000 gallon. But alot of people say to keep puffers alone and then there are some who keeps them with other...
  2. PaigeB

    Strange crab deaths

    Three days ago I went to my LFS and got my water tested and everything seemed to be ready for a cleanup crew. I bought: 3 Scarlet Hermits 1 Blue leg hermit 1 Zebra turbo snail 1 Cerith Snail 1 Nassarius Snail When I put everything in they all seemed to be doing well. But one of the scarlet...
  3. PaigeB

    Biocube 14gl General Questions

    Hi, I've had a freshwater tank for awhile that has been going well and I was recently given a used 14gl Biocube SW tank that had been established for years. Most of the water has been drained but the sand and some rocks have been left in. I'm new to SW tanks and I have a few questions. 1. Do...
  4. SaltTankNewbMaster

    Planning on getting a 75 Gal tank

    I would just like an estimate on the cost of rock/supplies not livestock I already have the tank and stand. I plan on having a FOWLR then slowly integrating corals along with the lights I know I need for corals So a breakdown is I want the cost of FOWLR- (minus)the cost of live stock and tank...